Cleveland Devival

From: "iDRMRSR" <>
Date: Sun, May 23, 2004

Sheeit, I arose at 2:30 this afternoon, and damned if I can remember much,
although I have the definite sense that it was a HELL of a lot of fun.

Lucky, I checked my camera here, and there were some pichers of the doing to
remind me.

It was the most excellent video show YET, Yeti!

Stang's love for the videodelic thingie has approached the point of eyegasm
and eargasm, and the loads of eyecum splattered all over the crowd like
sloppy wet eyesex. Man and Lonesome Cowboy Dave and the Amino Acids
provided an earbusting soundtrack to the vidjeos that almost got me up out
of my seat dancing. In a way that one of the former bands didn't, despite a
couple of taunts. Yep, getting me to even CONSIDER moving is quite a

Technical glitches were pretty low in incidence and Stang even showed a DVD
that I made of my arteestic ordure. I was concerned that my pink boss lady
(!) to whom I had lent the Arise DVD would show up, so I presented myself in
a newly designed, patent pending, Devival Encounter Suit (pic on abs)
designed to preserve my identity, at least from anybody who doesn't know
that iDRMRSR is such a big guy and even bigger in person. Heh, I gotta work
on that aspect.

But she in the end did not show, which I consider yet another victory for
the CON.

Precise details of the event were obscured from me because someone nearby my
seating position was huffing some frop SO POWERFUL that, unaccustomed to
these things that I am, the second hand smoke was affecting my sensorium.
Preventing my amydala and hippocampus from forming any more than a vague
association of pleasure with the whole Event.

And fuck, that's worth the $10.

~~~~~ <---due to the second hand Frop, no doubt

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