convention devival

From: (Johnny Lemuria)
Date: Wed, Feb 11, 2004

I am organizing a science fiction/fantasy convention for Asheville,
North Carolina on October 9-10, 2004 (
I am planning to hold a devival at the convention Saturday night,
October 9th. It will be a four-hour event, with a mix of preachers and
music, with some other acts. Asheville has music and acts, but I need
preachers. Due to the small size of the convention (est. attendance:
300), I cannot pay to put up out-of-town preachers. However, I will
give free passes to the convention to the preachers (I figure I will
need 4-6 of them). I will also donate a dealer space to the church
(represented by the preachers), valued at $75. From that they may sell
Church swag, propaganda, or whatever the hell else they want. So, if
you want to perform, great. If you would like to emcee, great. If you
know someone who would like to perform for nothing but a free
convention pass and publicity, super-great. Let me know. I would like
to get details of the convention on the website as soon as possible,
so let me know SOON.

Or kill me.

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