Jesus In Minneapolis!

From: "Steve Bevilacqua" <>
Date: Tue, Mar 30, 2004

Jesus to visit Minneapolis

First Garrison Keillor, then Prince, now the Messiah formerly known as The
Lord, yes Jesus Christ himself is coming to Minneapolis. Now's you chance
to HEAR, SEE and yes even TOUCH The Lord in this one time limited
engagement. Rev. J.C. "Steve" Bevilacqua, Lord, Messiah and Chief
Financial Officer of the SubGenius Foundation, Inc will be on his whirlwind
visit in the most significant event since the Traverse des Sioux.


Saturday April 3rd, 3:30 PM - KFAI Minneapolis 90.3fm and St Paul 106.7fm
Listen to it Live right now:

Yes! The only radio station worthy of The Lord's visit, KFAI
( and the only man who dares to still speak
the truth, Baron David E Romm will interview The Lord on Shockwave Radio If you are in the city you are already
familiar with the Baron and his unmasking of the conspiracy, his unending
fight against tyranny and his undying love of Dr. Demento. Along with the
Horsemen of the Apocalypse known as the Shockwave Riders, the good Baron and
the Lord will open the 4th seal.

This is a show you'll want to listen to each week so tune in Saturday and
bookmark it for life!


Sunday April 4th 7 PM - 10 PM - CC Club

2600 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55408-1321
(612) 874-7226


The Clench of the Walking Dead will be sponsoring what may be the first
official Minneapolis Clench meeting since The Slack Crusades. Come have a
beer with The Lord and discuss all things "Bob". Or better yet have him
sign your new ARISE 2004 CD. (see below)

"Do not be afraid Minneapolis Subs and sympathizers, you will be amazed
that not every other SubGenius in your town beside you is an asshole. Take
my word on it, you will be astonished by the interesting people you meet.
and I know for a fact a least one hot chick will be there." - The Lord


If you somehow missed it, the newest and best fucking SubGenius video EVER
has been released. ARISE! New never before seen modern footage, with all
of the old skool gems left in. Recruit your friends annoy your neighbors.
You need this now!

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