London Devival Report by MARGA [Mediator's mum]

From: "Espira" <>
Date: Fri, Mar 12, 2004

Bob's your Uncle Devival report by

Marga [Mediator's Mum] a.k.a Vivalidi's Tit's,Official Church Organist

From the start,when I got funny looks as I walked along Old street carrying
aloft a five foot bamboo cane and a golf iron,to the end,when I sank into a
sofa along with a very drunk and merry old girl [we were the two bag
ladies,I told Error which he loved] it was an evening of tremendous fun and
entertainment.Pope Black's working the crowd was stupendous,naked Leevil
dazzling with beautiful shoulders and back [I saw everything only from the
back,at the organ stool] brilliant music at the start from Charlie - most
original I adored it ,and Error's Elvis in a Box was a highlight for
me,especially "The Wonder of Bob" which went well with the [decrepit] organ
accompanent I did,the organ complete with various coloured keys lit from
below and strange mushroom designs,from the 60's I guess,[made in Swindon!
"Best for Service!"]


The Lovers and Killers of "Bob"

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