No One Makes It To Burning Man Festival

From: Legume <>
Date: Tue, Aug 26, 2003

No One Makes It To Burning Man Festival

GERLACH, NV~The Burning Man festival, a prominent artistic and
countercultural event that draws tens of thousands of people to the
Nevada desert annually, is in danger of cancellation this week because
"no one had their shit together enough to even make it," organizers said

"Jesus Christ, this is pathetic," said event coordinator Ethan Moon as he
angrily gestured toward the empty Black Rock Desert basin expanse, known
as the playa. "We've been promoting this thing all year. You can't start
panhandling quarters for gas the week before the festival and expect to
make it here in time, man."

Moon listed some of the most common no-show excuses, among them
oversleeping, forgetting to request time off work, faulty van-borrowing
arrangements, a shortage of ochre body-paint, and the last-minute
realization that transportation to the Burning Man festival requires

"As of a few weeks ago, or even a few days ago, there were 30,000 people
who honestly planned on coming," Moon said. "In every case, however,
there were, well, you know~shit happened."

Although Burning Man festivals have had no-shows in the past, Moon said
he's never witnessed absenteeism on this level.

"You have to figure out a way to get here, stock up on water and extra
clothing for the cold nights, and make sure you have adequate shelter,"
Moon said. "Apparently, the advance planning it takes to arrange those
three basic things was more than anyone could handle. Sorry to be on this
uptight trip, but check out the playa. Not a single nude dude in a
homemade papier-mâché tribal mask as far as the eye can see."

Although Burning Man is billed on its web site as a "temporary community
dedicated to radical self-expression and radical self-reliance," it
became evident that the no-shows were more capable of the former than
they were of the latter.

Los Angeles silkscreen artist Goldi Trewartha was among the tens of
thousands of Burning Man devotees who stayed home this year.

"Yeah, I was supposed to go with Ari and Shel, but they couldn't score
[Ecstasy] in time for the trip, and I forgot my bartering beads at my
friend Marnie's place in Los Feliz," Trewartha said. "Oh, and I forgot to
get a dog sitter."

Added Trewartha: "Shel made this great suit out of old stuffed-monkey
pelts and duct tape, and he was going to hop up and down on this old
trampoline he found. But his ex, Nikki, made him babysit [their daughter]
Gaia while she headed out to Big Sur for a few days. I love Nikki, but
sometimes she can be real flaky."

Chaz Bullard, a University of Vermont undergraduate and veteran mud
person, had multiple excuses for his failure to attend the Burning Man

"I totally spaced that August is 8, and I wrote down 9 in my
sketchbook," Bullard said. "Oh, and I got evicted. Yeah, fuckin' Dyl up
and ditches me, right, and I'm stuck owing $700, because he wasn't on the

Bullard added that he contracted hepatitis from his ex-roommate's tacos.

Moon said he has received apologetic phone calls from a squadron of
recumbent bicyclists lost somewhere in southern Nebraska, a Kentucky
artist whose pet python was too carsick to continue the journey, and a
group of Germans who uncovered a fatal structural flaw in their "Freak
Harnesses" art installation at the last minute.

Hippies were not the only counterculture group to miss the Burning Man
festival. Portland-area Linux user and self-described cyber-conceptualist
"Free" Lance Kaegle explained his absence in an instant message from his

"I was organizing this boss techno-art project called 'Off The Grid,'"
Kaegle wrote. "We were going to set up computer terminals in various
parts of the playa and have people use them. Then we'd feed the binary
data from those terminals into this fractals program that [Silver Lake,
CA software designer] Ricky [Thomas-Slater] wrote. Those fractals would
be sent, on the fly, to a group of exiled Buddhist monks I befriended
online. The monks would transform the fractals into a temporal sand
painting, the making of which we would webcast live to everyone on the

Added Kaegle: "But I had to stop working on the monk thing to finish up
this Pam's Country Crafts web site I'm working on. I really need the

While most absences were accidental, a few were not. Doug "Crazyroot"
Pycroft, a former smoothie-stand employee, has a history of missing
countercultural events.

"I thought about going, but then I decided I don't need some dudes
pushing their rules down my throat," Pycroft said. "That's the problem
with these things. If they're so nonconformist, how come you gotta obey
some fascist wearing a lanyard just to use the Port-A-John? Same reason I
refused to go to [The Church Of The Subgenius'] X-Day back in '98. Hell,
I ditched the very first Lollapalooza one hour in."

As a cloud of sand whipped across the desolate playa, Moon could only
shake his head. Although the weeklong festival traditionally culminates
in the igniting of the Burning Man, a 50-foot-tall wooden structure
strapped with fireworks and other incendiaries, Moon wondered aloud
whether he and the handful of other staffers should even bother.

"I guess we could burn what we've built, but it would just feel
anticlimactic with no one around to watch," Moon said. "You gotta look at
the bigger picture here, folks. You shouldn't think of Burning Man as a
burden. Burning Man is about being part of a community. Unfortunately,
it's a community of people who can't get up before 1 p.m."

Dr. K. "Cortez" Legume
Mecagum les cinc llagues de Crist,
mecagum D'eu, en la creu, en el fuster
que la fue i en fill de puta que va plantar el pi

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