Concept Restaurant Failures

From: Baldin Pramer <>
Date: Sun, Mar 21, 2004

Sylvia's New and Used
Just Bouillon
House of Gum
All Things Raw

Baldin Pramer

Elbows off the table, Baldin.


From: IMBJR <>

Baldin Pramer <> wrote:

>Sylvia's New and Used
Certainly used:

>Just Bouillon
A food product:

>House of Gum
An obsession:

>All Things Raw
or actually raw:


From: Artemia Salina <>

What's That Smell?! Cajun/Thai Cooking
Larry's Gruel-n-Go
Le Troff
Bobbin' for Eels: A Family Restaurant

"Please God, help me cleanse the computer of viruses and evil photographs
that disturb and ruin my work ..., so that I shall be able to cleanse
myself." -- Rabbi Shlomo Eliahu


From: (Rev. Mack)

Puppies, Kitties, and Snakes!
Spiro's Surprise Smoothies
Water Emporium

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