My brother in law's monkey brain story.

From: Tarla Star <>
Date: Fri, Dec 5, 2003

Okay doubters, this is as first hand as it gets for me. I know this guy.


It's good to hear from you. Yes, people do really eat fresh monkey
brains, and I am one. It has a metallic after taste that stays with you
even after chugging Martel.

Years ago, while I was working in Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia (the north
shore of Borneo island) I had a reputation for doing the outrageous. The
company gave us an expense check, but I needed more money, so I had Dad
send me extra money. Anyway, I often went to the most expensive
restaurant in town (run by Chinese people, not local Malays) taking
several of my best workers and eventually ate everything on the menu.
Some of it was good, but most of it was very strange, whole fish with
the guts in, birds nest soup, shark fin soup, etc.

One night I asked the owner, What was the most expensive and unusual
dish he could prepare? He responded with monkey brains, so I said bring
it on. Several days later, he had the dish for us to eat. This time I
took several of the plant engineers. We had drinks, appetizers, and
then they brought out the main course. Each monkey was live in a small
wooden box with it's shaved head sticking out. Each of us received a
hammer, knife, and large spoon (table spoon?). We looked at the monkeys
and they looked at us. I ordered two more rounds of drinks for a
chaser, then told the owner to take the monkeys to the kitchen, and
bring them back with the tops of their heads removed. The owner said
that was not the custom, but he did it anyway. Drunk, and with two
Martel cognac's in hand I ate two big spoonfuls of gelatinous ooze.

I can't remember how much it cost, but it seemed extremely expensive,
more than a seven course French dinner in Houston. All the guys at
least put a spoonful in their mouth, but some left the table
immediately. I fondly remember the experience, and even though much of
it was wasted, it was well worth the expense for the story.

Remember, you are what you eat. Perhaps that is why I'm a little off. I
wish we could get together for the holidays, but you have a great time

All my love, and wishing you the very best.


From: "Spiffy" <>

...your brother-in-law sounds very much like someone I would like to punch
in the face.


From: (HellPopeHuey)

Okay, but wait until he swallows that mouthful of monkey brain.
Remember the old axiom about slapping a guy who has a cheek full of


HellPope Huey
God has a plan for my life, but its not pretty.

"There's an idea that Hell is other people.
My idea is that it might be repetition."
- Stephen King

For "Bob" hath said: the Con shall fear the child
and the doohickies of the child;
for the doohickies which hath come to the child
shall be eternal sand in the briefs of the pinkboys!"
- Reverend Socks


From: (ogg)

Tarla Star <> wrote:
> Okay doubters, this is as first hand as it gets for me. I know this guy.

How quaint, a horse's ass eating a monkey brains.


From: "dormeatload" <>

Ogg was my father's middle name,and my great grandfathers first name,
kinda strange cause I was thinking about that name today at work.

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