Prozac found in drinking water

From: Modemac <>
Date: Tue, Aug 10, 2004

LONDON (AFP) - Britons consume the anti-depressant drug Prozac in such
large quatities that traces of it can now be found in the country's
drinking water. "The Environment Agency has revealed that Prozac is
building up both in river systems and groundwater used for drinking
supplies," The Observer newspaper reported Sunday citing health

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Modemac wrote:

Tap water is definitely on the way out as
far as potability goes. However, there may
be a new technology on the way that can deliver
large quantities of *distilled* water cheaply.

Ordinary filters can take out a lot of the
contaminants found in tap water, but other
stuff gets through it, like recycled medicines
that can even penetrate complex filters, like
those using reverse osmosis.

Enter the fuel cell. But in this case, not
for energy. Fuel cell technology can be like
a super filter, actually *splitting* water
molecules apart into two gases, hydrogen and
oxygen, then recombining them into absolutely
pure water, with zero contaminants.

Even high volatility contaminants have molecules
larger than hydrogen and oxygen(2), so they
can't get through the gas membrane.

The only problem is that you need certain amounts
of trace element salts to stay healthy. So after
going through all this hassle, you have to add a
touch of low-sodium sea salts.

On the plus side, a unit capable of generating
a gallon or more of distilled water an hour would
be about the size of a bread making machine, and
would consume only a small amount of methanol as
"fuel", recycling the energy from when the oxygen
and the hydrogen are rejoined into water.

Which beats all hell out of sucking down prozac
or estrogen, or "Bob" knows what out of your tap.

"I wish to thank those who have been
admirably relentless in reminding us
when the line between doing a good
thing and thinking a bad thing has
been crossed."
-- Frank DiGiovanni


From: "ghost" <>

A quote from someone MUCH smarter than me:

"I can only marvel at the fear-mongering hyperbole of the British loony
left press.

There are very few drugs that are fully destroyed by the microbial
decomposition which occurs in sewage treatment facilities. I could
list hundreds of drugs which are found in drinking water. You'd be
amazed how much caffeine is in there, for example.

The only real element to this finding of Prozac in the water supply is
that it indicates an advance in the analytical capacity of modern
instrumentation. The very fact that the concentration is not defined
more specifically than as "trace" means that the analytical signal is
too weak for quantification. We can say there is Prozac in the water,
but we cannot say how much. It is just above the limit of detection,
but below the limit of quantitation. That likely makes the
concentration in the part per trillion range. To obtain a therapeutic
dose (theoretically) one would have to drink the equivalent of three
Olympic sized swimming pools of water, each day. Moreover, the body
would somehow have to perform uptake, which is unlikely at that
dilution. If Prozac in the drinking water really had any effect, why
would anyone ever be prescribed the drug in the first place? Which
would then mean there would be none in the water, which would
then.....oh, never mind.

What really ought to concern you is the concentration of the synthetic
estrogens from birth control pills, which are found in drinking water.
At known environmental concentrations, those synthetic hormones have
been shown to feminize male fish, leading to the bizarre phenomenon
called testis-ova, where a male fish grows eggs in his testes. In
humans, male fertility has been on the decline for decades. Methinks
there is more in your water than you know."


From: "at the gaybar" <>


I was listening to shortwave militia kook patriot
radio this evening (WWRB 5.085 mHz) and there
was a commercial for a "Berkey" water filter
where the sideshow snakeoil salesman claimed
that his water filter would filter out the Viagra
and Prozac from ordinary tap water. I thought it
was yet another shortwave conspiracy radio salesman
spouting the usual BS.

Conspiracy Radio on Domestic Shortwave: (Alex Jones and similar kooks r on 2x daily) (11.00 PM EST: Elizabeth Border - ultrakook #1)


From: (Howard Hughes)

Forget these overpriced drip filter jobs. Go to Sears and buy
a genuine water distiller for $140. It's made in China,
home of sensible people, and it boils the water into steam
which then condenses into a pitcher, pure. Looks like a large
coffee maker but much better quality. It'll amaze you what
is left behind after you boil off the water. Clean the boiling
pot with a little vinegar and go again. Takes about four hours
to produce a gallon of pure water. Nothing to replace unless you
like the charcoal filter in the top of your water pitcher.
Handy in cold climates since it produces a little heat and
humidity. That means you have to plan in the summer to distill
in the cooler part of the day/night. Otherwise, worth the trouble
and expense. Better than going to the grocery store and carrying

lots on Ebay too


From: "Pressure" <>

Hmmmm.... I wonder if it could be used for alcohol. While I'm on the
subject, for those of you who were at XDay this year may have had the
opportunity to taste some of the "Smokin' Cat" liquor that was in great
abundance. As I understand it (and I understand more than I'm letting on)
the method used in its production may be found at this link: The technique was developed
by Gert Strand and involves nothing more than some plastic buckets and a
modified aquarium heater. Total cost to construct is around $50 (including
the purchase of the modified aquarium heater at $35). The method produces
high quality distllations at low tempearatures and high safety. If you've
made beer or wine, this technique is even easier. The produced liquids are
as safe as any commercially available product and no blindness has resulted
in any of the test subjects (including myself).


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