Blackout - Rough on OCD sufferrers

From: iDRMRSR <>
Date: Sun, Aug 17, 2003

I must admit that I have quite a cleanliness fetish. Always a bottle of
antibiotic soap handy. I use rubber gloves by the ton just in case I
need to deal with something yucky.

But with the water boil alert, I am really in a pickle. I might as well
dip my hands right in the used toilet water to wash them. Doesn't get
them all sparkly KLEAN knowing that the stuff coming out of the tap
leaked out of the butt of some local Jolly Roger some hours ago.

I've actually eliminated and then gone right past the sink and ATE
something. Why bother to wash? The water is prolly dirtier than my own

This is quite a challenge for Obsessive Compulsives, indeed. Compulsive
washing is out for the time being as it does basically no good. I have
been compulsively boiling water, though.

I guess I'm going to have to invent some other ritual to tide me over
for the next day or so, until MAGICALLY the doo doo in the water lines
turns to antiseptic hydration at exactly NOON today (how they figure
these things out I don't know). Perhaps I will wrap and label my turds
for a few days and carry them around in my car for a few weeks. Yes,
that should make up for the lack of hand-washing.

Either that or brush exactly 15 times, adding 5 strokes to the usual ten
(up AND down). But I can't brush either because of that water thing.
They even said not to bathe in the water if you have any OPEN SORES on
your body. Damn, up till now I was handling my compulsive cutting hobby
very well.

See what I mean? I can't be the only OCD sufferrer in this town spiked
on the horns of a dilemma. Dayum, I'd move to Canada but that's even in
worse shape. Gotta find another venue where the sanitation is 100% (to
six sigmas or more) reliable. Wherever that is.

Or drink up all the Lysol I can score...



From: "Blackout" <>


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