Power Outage problem solved;root cause

From: "Mayor Boobus-berg" <slamane400@yahoo.com>
Date: Sun, Aug 17, 2003

"Ace Lightning" <ace.lightning@verizon.net> wrote:
> reddy kilowatt wrote:
> >A root cause to the recent power outage has been found. A squirrel
> >himself Thursday at 4:00p.m. in a area by the Michigan/Ohio border,shutting
> >the entire east cost electrical grid. The squirrel got into a substation and
> >some reason gnawed into a 18000 Volt cable,causing a massive short
> >jolt was so powerfull that the squirrel pissed,causing two 24000V
> >to short out. Politicians and Energy official are trying to come up with a
> >plan to explain this embarrassing situation. Now the problem for the
> >politicians is determining whose squirrel it was and where it came from.
> >Michigan is a no fault insurance state.Bush promises a full investigation.
> >The squirrel did not survive and neither state is claiming the body.The body
> >will be held at New Yorks Zoo at a cost of $2000/day(refridgeration &
> >security)until MI or Ohio claims the fried critter.In leui of nuts,donations
> >be made to your local power company.
> a squirrel? shit, when i heard it started in Cleveland,
> i figured it had to be Rev. Syd's fault.
> where the fuck *is* he, anyway?

Horseshit! It happened in Cleveland.
It was all Rev. Ivan Stang's fault. He and
"Bob" were flying over high tension lines
in their new UFO escape vessel prototype
when "Bob" ripped a massive bronx-cheer
that was coupled into the ship's anti-gravity
center pole-piece, amplified 100,000,000
times and coupled by magnetic induction
into the Eastern Regional Interconnection.
Amazing!! Just one of "Bob's" flatulations
could bring 50 Million people to a grinding
halt and cause a mini-baby boomlet 8 months
or so from now.

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