Sick Fucks

From: Doktor DynaSoar <>
Date: Mon, Feb 9, 2004

There WERE other things on the air during the Stuporbowl. What was and
was NOT big news gives us a good indication of what this society deems
acceptable (especially "for the children").

An old, retired sports figure who can't get an erection without
medication talkign about his erection is acceptable.

A horse farting in a woman's face is acceptable. So is the resulting
burnt hair and skin when it catches fire.

Janet Jackson's right boob is unacceptable.

Se we have:
old man's erection = acceptable
horse fart in woman's face = acceptable
woman's first degree burns = acceptable
one breast = unacceptable

Apparently "we" want our kids exposed to old men's boners and
disgusting injuries perpetrated against women, but not to anatomy half
of them will own.

The next generation will be WAY more fucked up than we ever were.
If they turned on all of us, I wouldn't blame them. I might even help.

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