The Passion of The Bunny

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Date: Wed, Apr 7, 2004

(Christian Fundies demonstrate Mel Gibson
style BDSM on the Easter Bunny.....)

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WGAL TV Special Report
GLASSPORT, Pa. -- A church that put on an Easter show
said it was trying to teach about Jesus Christ.
But the people who saw the show say they were upset
by performers who broke (stomped) Easter eggs and
pretended to whip the Easter bunny.

People who attended Saturday's performance of an Easter
celebration at a memorial stadium in Glassport, Allegheny '
County, quoted performers as saying "There is no Easter bunny."
Melissa Salzmann said the program was inappropriate for
young children. She said her son cried and asked why the
bunny was (being) whipped.

Patty Bickerton, the youth minister at Glassport Assembly
of God, said the performance wasn't meant to be offensive.
Bickerton portrayed the Easter rabbit and said she (Saltmann's
complaint against the show) was just acting silly.

Jennifer Norelli-Burke, another parent who saw the show
described what she saw as "very disturbing".


Story 2:

Easter event offends some in attendance
By DAVID WHIPKEY, Daily McKennsport News Staff Writer

What was supposed to be an Easter celebration for
children reportedly turned into a demonstration of
how Jesus Christ was crucified.

Several area residents were outraged by a performance
sponsored by Glassport Assembly of God church
Saturday at Memorial Stadium.

"It was absolutely horrendous," Melissa Salzmann
said. "We left after about 45 minutes, it was so bad."
Residents quote performers as saying, "There is no
Easter Bunny" and breaking eggs meant for an Easter
egg hunt.

A portrayal of the Easter Bunny being whipped
and tortured as the 12 stations of the cross reportedly
was part of the show.

See also:
wher there is a publik opinion poll being conducted on it....yum yum!


ObTwhipthebunny: Did the Bunny speak in Italian like in the movie?

ObTeastercandy: Thinking of giving 'anatomically correct'
home chocolate molded pagan easter candy to my xian neighbors
this Saturday... ; )

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