Thousands suffer minor inconvenience, won't shut up about it.

From: nenslo <>
Date: Sat, Aug 16, 2003

People had to spend one night living the way humans used to for
thousands and thousands of years and they think it's totally amazing
that they even survived. How could anyone ever kill enough of you for
it to make a real difference?


From: (The Rev. Dr. Lt. Chaos Israel)

Well, here's how *I'd* start: I'd shoot Legume three times in the gut
with a .45, then I'd shoot you once in the foot with my .22 holdout.

"My God, Nenslo, look at poor Legume; he's going to spend the next
three days dying slowly and painfully, and here you are whining
because you can't walk. How pathetic."

What people did and had to do thousands of years ago is irrelevant to
today's situation. The fact that someone else might have it worse than
me, doesn't make my problems any easier to cope with.

Turn your brain back on, bitch.


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