From: nenslo <>
Date: Sat, Sep 20, 2003

Here's your chance to ride a russian nuclear icebreaker over the edge
into the hollow earth!


From: mshotz@aol.commonkeypo (Rev. Richard Skull)

And the Movie will be K-19, shown all night, every night!

Just so you know what to do when that crappy Soviet Designed and Built Reactor
poops out.

MSHOTZ: The Post Post Modern Man


From: "U.M. Zaporets" <>

Voyage to Hollow Earth Itinerary

Trip date: June 26, 2005 - July 19, 2005
Day 1 Depart for Moscow, Russia. You will need to arrange your own airfare
to Moscow.

Day 2 Arrive in Moscow. You will be staying at the Hotel Rossiya (Russia)
located by St. Basil's Cathedral. Spend the rest of the day sightseeing

Day 3 Finish your sightseeing of Moscow in morning. You will take an
afternoon flight to Murmansk, Russia where we will board the Russian
Icebreaker YAMAL.

Days 4-7 Enjoy yourself enroute to North Pole on the YAMAL.

Day 8 Spend the day at the North Pole and even call home to talk to family
or friends!

Days 9-11 Start the search for the North Polar Opening to the Inner

Days 12-14 Once found, travel up Hiddekel River to City of Jehu. *

Days 15-16 Take a monorail trip to City of Eden to visit Palace of the King
of the Inner World.

Days 17-18 Return trip back to City of Jehu on the monorail. We will then
continue our journey through the North Polar Opening, on board the Yamal,
for the return trip home.

Days 19-23 Enjoy the trip back to Murmansk.

Day 24 Catch a flight from Murmansk to Moscow. You can then catch your
connecting flight back to your hometown.

* Please note that if we are unable to find the Polar opening, we will be
returning via the New Siberian Islands to visit skeleton remains of exotic
animals thought to originate from Inner Earth.


From: Artemia Salina <>

nenslo wrote:
> Here's your chance to ride a russian nuclear icebreaker over the edge
> into the hollow earth!

Olaf Jansen says of the giants who inhabit the hollow earth:

The people are exceedingly musical, and learned to a remarkable
degree in their arts and sciences, especially geometry and astronomy.

ASTRONOMY, from INSIDE the earth. How novel. If they have telescopes
that can see through the earth's crust then they must be the source
of all the "up-skirt" porn videos on the net.

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