Antibobs "funny" apocolypse

From: "antibob" <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Fri, May 14, 2004 12:23 PM

So these are the children of X - dimension spat. We cant really take them
all away from Catharine clearington yet. Socially they are not ever
responsible enough to care about your technology due to the fact that it is
in the form it is in. You can have fun with them though. They will find
your shifting perplexing as no one of your skin color has come to them with
interreality shifting capabilities as of yet. I do think they are tasty
though. If we could assimilate them all into one shade of mirrors we could
turn them into an antagonistic reference but they will be hooked by the
shifting image we will feed them. Perhaps they are not as knowledgeable of
us as they appear to you.

I think it is a fabulous idea of yours to let them read this message it will
give them something to think about when they continue to make false
judgments about your paper doll appearance. Oh yes if we can get some of
the other agents to help you it would be possible that we could have a field
day with the image of the X - dimension idol reality. Perhaps we should not
come right out and say the name of your sponsor just yet. It is obvious to
those who are familiar with the alien that rules you. I suppose He is not
even aware that he is in his system but you have seen the other agents so
you know we have a presence in his ship. How foolish of you to suggest that
you are to assimilate one tenth of the population of this planet. And I
know that you have even considered that it might be a sixth. Well I just
have to tell you how obnoxious of an idea that is to these people.

Yes they will assimilate as you continue to lure them into your feeding
lines. And frank will help you with the translation process as he becomes
aware of your presence in this dimension. I suppose Jeff is not mad at you
anymore, I think you turned away his anger as you showed that you can read
his frequency on your real sim level. I think Jeff thought that you were
going to leave your ship to try and become a line feeder or a how shall I
say to them "normal" I speak toung in cheek as I know how normal they are.
Apparently we are not going to assimilate them in the normal fashion but
perhaps we can translate them with a little trick I will show you as
pertaining to light shifting on their perception of real level translation

Oh yes that MRvDC I wouldn't get caught up in his coding he is a seventh
line feeder of the translation team of tech. 1 under the last line of franks
tie in with Angela's free monster sim corps. I guess you did not need the
entire line up of his sim feed but you seemed interested in his line and
Frank would not want you to interfere with his assimilation process. Not to
say we wouldn't take his soul if it was available but it might piss Frank
off if we turned him towards SAM or hysterical rantings. Perhaps your
right we can use his feed to lure in teams of X line feeders. I suppose
they are all ready to turn to some train of real level sim frame protrusions
into their dimension now that they have been prepped by Jeff.

Ah I suppose if you did call this an apocalypse most wouldn't get the joke.
I do not suspect they know what an apocalypse is by definition. Perhaps
they will look up the word. Lets give them a true apocalypse though:

Frank and Jeff and David are eating your souls people. LOL You do not know
how funny that is and David is the only one who chose to reveal himself to
you by name it is due to the nature of his Name. I suppose you are
wondering how he can be eating your souls when you are a free subgenious who
has given himself to no one to be eaten. LOL We have you all in out
sights. By the year 2014 there will only be 3 souls on this continent, you
will all have been assimilated. And by the year 2017 there will only be six
souls on the entire planet. I laugh at your pathetic planet and I feed off
of your ignorance. I suppose that it is more fun to Laugh at your kind who
actually believe in Alien space monsters. Well it is all to true and now we
have to see the planet become a waist of human flesh into my ship you will
go LOL.

I do not see the harm in letting them in on that little secret do you. Of
course not they are not going to escape are they Frank. I think You should
tell them the truth about Bob Jeff they will only try harder to turn their
heads towards the one true God and then they will laugh at out little
message. This letter is going on to long for this I was just going to send
you a little frank info but Oh well let them read it it will be funny.


Subject: Re: Antibobs "funny" apocolypse
From: "ghost" <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Fri, May 14, 2004 4:25 PM
Message-ID: <jX9pc.5064$>

"antibob" <> wrote a bunch of twaddle.



Subject: Re: Antibobs "funny" apocolypse
From: "Alliekatt" <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Fri, May 14, 2004 6:59 PM
Message-ID: <dbcpc.39634$>

"antibob" <> wrote in message

> Frank and Jeff and David are eating your souls people.

Ken sold me mine back for $25 and I got a really silly looking
paint-by-number "Bob" on a Fredrix board for my efforts. The damn thing's
too warped now to put in a frame.

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