for the thrill of a lifetime....

From: "Doc Martian" <>
Date: Sat, Feb 28, 2004

keep your eye on the response of the american public to the posts by
docmartian that have names of the victims of israel.

the 9/11 retaliation. they first had to pay off america for the stress and
the building... now they get to pay for the loss of life.

hope you enjoy...
some subgenii perished in the fifth column attack by israel.






From: (C. Woolard)

Why blame Israel for 9/11 when you can blame them for using artillery
on refugee camps and walling off the West Bank like it was some kind
of huge Warsaw Ghetto?

Suggestion: because you're *pro*-Israel and want to make reasonable
anti-Israel discussions look like kookery.
Please stop.

Remember Therienstadt.


From: "Dunter Powries" <fech.redcap@spedlin>

That's RIGHT! If them ol' Jews REALLY want to portray themselves as
victims®, then they should be out blowing up their OWN brainwashed,
hormone-addled children like PROPER victims®.

Damn *pro*-Israel kooks, make us all look like, like, like wackos... LIKE

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