Subject: Frightening fan letter

From: "Rabbi Jacklyn Hyde" <>
Date: Thu, Jun 26, 2003

(Please note, this is a real "fan" letter received by my friend Trish, a
horror writer of some noteriety. She's in her early fifties with two grown
sons, and was thoroughly tickled with this!
--With love, the Rabbs)

What, Exactly, Is Sexual Harassment?

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination recently
attempted to find a definition of what really constitutes sexual harassment.
They came up with the following guidelines:

Sexual harassment means sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and
verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when:

Submission to or rejection of such advances, requests or conduct is made
either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of employment or as a
basis for employment decisions, or

Such advances, requests or conduct have the purpose or effect of
unreasonably interfering with an individual's work performance by creating
an intimidating, hostile, humiliating or sexually offensive work

These definitions are broad and include any sexually oriented conduct
whether it is intended or not -- that is unwelcome and has the effect of
creating a workplace environment that is hostile, offensive, intimidating,
or humiliating to male or female workers. While it is not possible to list
all those circumstances that could be considered sexual harassment, the
following are some examples:

Unwelcome sexual advances -- whether they involve physical touching or not.

Requests for sexual favors in exchange for actual or promised job benefits
such as favorable (an unfavorable review is not a job benefit) reviews,
salary increases, promotions, increased benefits or continued employment.

Assault or coerced sexual acts.

The following conduct may also constitute sexual harassment:

Use of sexual epithets, jokes, written or oral references to sexual conduct,
gossip regarding one's sex life, comment on an individual's body and comment
about an individual's sexual activity, deficiencies or prowess.

Displaying sexually suggestive objects, pictures or cartoons.

Unwelcome leering, whistling, brushing against the body, sexual gestures or
suggestive or insulting comments.

Inquiries into one's sexual experiences.

Discussion of one's sexual activities.

Sexual harrassment is a crime!

And YOU are a CRIMINAL!!! If you continue to behave inappropriately in this
way the police will bring you to justice, and this is no threat but a
warning!!! How DARE you interfere in other peoples' lives????? Your
unfortunate sons must need lots of psycho-therapy to deal with you! I feel
so sorry for your husband! He deserves better than you!!! You are a predator
and a pervert!!! Did you do too much acid in the 60's???

Your writing is nothing more than cheap porn and there is already too much
of that around. No one needs you to add to it! Why don't you just quit
writing??? You do not know how to be a professional anyway!!!!! You are a
has-be en who never was!!! You are a filthy disgusting poor excuse for a
human being, and may you rot in hell before long you cheap white trash
SLUT!!!!! Burn You Old Witch!!!!!

from a Victim


From: "nu-monet v5.0" <>

Rabbi Jacklyn Hyde wrote:

Edited down a little, it's just like the
last five "Dear nu-monet" letters I've
gotten, but with fewer obscentities:

YOU are a CRIMINAL!!! (blah, blah, blah) the
police...threat...(blah, blah, blah) psycho-
therapy...You are a predator and a pervert!!!

(blah, blah, blah) No one needs you... Why don't
you just (blah, blah, blah)...You are a filthy
disgusting (blah, blah, blah)...and may you rot

from your Ex

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