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Date: Thu, May 6, 2004

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger Sues Bobblehead Company

Associated Press
Wednesday, May 5, 2004; 3:33 AM
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is suing an Ohio bobblehead
company, alleging it unlawfully used the former Hollywood actor's image for
a toy plastic doll.
The Los Angeles County Superior Court lawsuit says the governor's image
holder, Oak Productions Inc., "does not permit Schwarzenegger's name,
photograph, likeness or voice to be used on commercial products, on
packaging of commercial products or in advertising for commercial products
or services" unless authorized.
The lawsuit was filed Friday but served on the doll's makers Tuesday.
The makers of the bobbleheads contend the governor is a public political
figure and can no longer control his image.
"He's no different than any other politician," said Todd Bosley, an owner of
Ohio Discount Merchandise Inc. in Canton, Ohio. The company has produced a
variety of bobbleheads of public officials....


From: Joe Cosby <>

The judge has ruled that if Schwarzenegger can beat the bobblehead
replica in a "paper, stones, scissors" contest then the maker will be
ruled liable for damages. Otherwise damages will be split evenly
between the two. Schwarzenegger is reported to be pondering this.

Joe Cosby
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