From: Mrs Babymash <>
Date: Tue, Aug 26, 2003

Fuck me swinging if feklar didn't just say...:

>>> What do we need to do?
>Sucker him into spamming the church of the subgenius newsgroup,
>whatever the hell the name of it is. Those people take no shit, and
>especially take no spam of any kind from anyone. They are very, very
>talented and creative in dealing with spammers, and seriously, they
>are no one to fuck with judging by the tales of thier dealing with
>spammers written out on their home page. Just one spam, and they
>launch all out war.
>Of course, if someone other than Comrade inserts the extra newsgroup
>in an existing thread header, and BoB finds out about it, I pity
>whoever it was that put it there...
>But if you can start a new crosspost.... and Comrade goes for it...
>now you are really screwed

Cross-posting for no reason except to send your praise to the proper
alter. You funny guy! ( deleted cause Jimmy's read it
all before. "Bathtub humor" he called it.)
Mrs Bsqrt *bymsqrt *sh [668 - Neighbsqrt Pur sqrt Pf The Besqrt *st]
"God, grant me SERENITY to deal with problems I can't change,
COURAGE to face the challenges of all other problems and
WISDOM to hide the bodies of those who fuck with me."

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