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From: nenslo <nenslo@yahoox.com>
Date: Wed, Feb 25, 2004

When I read a thing like this that consists of a list of references to
current popular culture I like to imagine what it would be like if it
were written by someone from, say, Japan, being all insightful and
current-hip and everything.

Doc Martian wrote:
> until al gore endorses john kerry!
> it's like having pee-wee herman endorse michael jackson!
> it's like having bill clinton endorse marital values
> it's like having marilyn manson endorse tammy fae bakker

So, this is an eye makeup thing? And what kind of endorsement would
Tammy need? And she now goes by the name of her current husband, Messner.

> it's like having jim carrey endorse the songs of jim nabors

That doesn't make any sense, it's just trying to put two jims together.

> it's like having blink-182 endorse limp bizkit

That only makes sense to anyone who has ever heard these bands, so that
leaves out most everybody on earth. Who is your target audience here?

> it's like having jerry lee lewis endorse jerry seinfeld

See, now that one doesn't even make sense AT ALL. It's just putting two
jerrys together for no reason. Now if it was like Jerry Lee Lewis
endorsing Roman Polansky or that Frasier guy, that would means
something, but this is just weak.

> it's like having don knotts endorse marlboro

This too is weak, what, is Don Knotts dying of cancer? Did he ever wear
a cowboy hat or something? No, you must do better.

> yes.... you got it... al gore is the kiss of death! bill clinton ONLY WISHES
> he could be as negatively influential.

Oh, so that is what you totally obvious point is. Sorry, man, not a
very good post. Think about these things for a day or so first.


You can only be as stupid as WHAT YOU POST.


From: nenslo <nenslo@yahoox.com>

Doc Martian wrote:
> you just don't have the insight into pop culture that i do. maybe you should
> watch some more tv!

Well they change it every five minutes. It's written on toilet paper.
The last thing that happened doesn't even matter and then it makes
people think they are real aware if they can just list some names that
they think everyone else knows. Like you say the name of a band that is
really popular but which "everyone knows" totally sucks and that's some
sort of cultural critique. I hung around with some kayakers and some
rock climbers and they were all "jargon jargon jargon" and it was
exactly the same thing. Totally irrelevant outside of their closely
drawn confines. Insight into popular culture is like keeping meticulous
records of the activities of your hamster.

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