Meet Nenslo, the unwelcome.

From: nenslo <>
Date: Sat, Oct 4, 2003 6:17 PM

Horror Show wrote:
> The examples you've sited above are all meaningless jibber jabber. My
> experience doesn't fall into any of the "boxes" you've arranged there
> on your Kook Table.

That's what Kooks ALWAYS say. "No, I'M DIFFERENT and my thing is REAL
AND TRUE, not like those 'crazy' people." The only person ON EARTH or
any other planet to whom your personal numbers thing is NOT
meaningless jibber jabber, is YOU. That's not a BAD thing but it is a
TRUE thing. I was REALLY HAPPY to see your stuff and found it really
interesting, and a lot more coherent and easy to follow than most of
the others.

If I told you about my personal obsessions and the strange pattern
they make in my life you'd think it was the stupidest thing you'd ever heard.

> Looks like, that although sometimes friendly,
> you're not really paying attention either. You're so NUMBED by all the
> crap you listed above (and what you DIDN'T EVEN list above) that when
> real Wisdom or real Truth or REAL WONDER smacks you upside yo head...

I guess the only way to convince you I'm "paying attention" is to say
EVERYTHING!!! Well I can't say that. It isn't true. So I guess you
have to find some way to explain me away or dismiss me. That's too
bad, but we have to do what makes us feel okay about ourselves.

Friend, when I have seen one after another of these people in their
dozens who each and every one knows that theirs is THE real Wisdom or
real Truth or REAL WONDER, I begin to see the pattern. And YOU,
friend, fit the pattern. I didn't make the pattern or decide there
should be one. When I see a dozen things that are alike and another
comes along that's also like them, if I didn't see a pattern there I'd
be SOME KIND OF IDIOT. If I were to deny seeing it just to avoid
hurting your feelings, I would be doing wrong. The only system YOU
have seen is your own. Of course it makes perfect sense to you - and
to you alone. I have often wished I could find a system which would
do it for me but that's not what I am here for. I'm here to see the
dozens and dozens of systems other people devise and to see the
pattern THEY form.

> That's what it boils down to. You've
> moved everything into one of two buckets: "been there, done that" OR
> "better stay away from that - it's kinda strange, kinda frightening
> and it could be dangerous - WE MIGHT GET HURT". You need to toss those
> old, tarnished buckets (or at least put them out in the garage) and
> bask, bucketless, in the Golden Splendor of The Nu.

No, sir, when you start to tell me what I think that's where you have
NO KNOWLEDGE WHATSOEVER. When I see dozens of numbers cranks and one
more comes along I say "Oh, good! Another one of those!" And believe
me when I tell you, and I am the one who knows this since it has to do
with the contents of my actual mind, there is NOTHING strange or
frightening or dangerous about any of them, and NOTHING NEW. You
yourself are deriving a lot of your stuff from a predecessor which is
alleged to be thousands of years old. OF COURSE numbers make
patterns, that's what they are for. If you see magic and wonder in
them, that's great, I'm glad for you. I have too at times. But don't
get all cranky when I tell you I've seen a whole lot of other guys
doing the exact same thing with a completely different set of numbers
because that is SIMPLE FACT and fact beats feelings every time. Seems
to me if you are as sharp as you think you are you can use THAT
information to go to a whole new level. If I were the one sent to
give you that message it might be a mistake to ignore it. If you
think it's your purpose in this life to keep repeating what you have
already done, that's fine too. I'm not here to screw you up, but if
you don't like me saying what *I* know is real Wisdom and Truth and
Wonder you better just crucify me. Wouldn't be the first time.


From: (HellPopeHuey)

nenslo <> wrote:
> I'm not here to screw you up,

Oh, that's a big lie. You love it. If you were a crackhaid and
screwing people up was the crack, you'd snort it off the lid of a
dumpster behind a cathouse and sing "I Got Rhythm" while you inhaled.

>but if you don't like me saying what *I* know is real Wisdom and
Truth and
> Wonder you better just crucify me. Wouldn't be the first time.

Get off the cross, Nenslo, somebody needs the wood. So they can
crucify STANG with it. Its his turn again. Me next week, though.


HellPope Huey
I like food. It goes down way better than gravel or resentment.

anyone who can think straight had better play dumb.
- Nenslo

"This show is run completely by Keebler elves."
- Jon Stewart


From: (Horror Show)

nenslo <> wrote in message news:<>...
> I tell you I've seen a whole lot of other guys doing the exact same thing
> with a completely different set of numbers because that is SIMPLE FACT and
> fact beats feelings every time. If you think it's your purpose in this life
> to keep repeating what you have already done, that's fine too. I'm not here
> to screw you up, but if you don't like me saying what *I* know is real
> Wisdom and Truth and Wonder you better just crucify me. Wouldn't be the
> first time.

Again, you're NOT paying attention. You're just not. It's VERY clear.

From November 2000 (nearly three years ago) ---

With 20 years of active sightings and a 35 year connection to 111 and
11:11, I've absolutely reached that point. The life cycle, for me, of
111 (and 11:11 in its present form) has concluded. Does that mean I'll
now look back on this experience and say "Oh My God, what a colossal
waste of time!" ??? No, it doesn't mean that at all. It means that it
is time to move on into a New Role and a New Way of looking at my
particular good ol' pattern. I think this is a point that each of you
will reach with your pattern. It's just that you haven't gotten there
yet. But you'll know it when you do. When it happens, don't be
embarrassed, just let it go. If you know someone who "connects" and
they have been telling you about their special pattern for years now
and you have been saying "well, gee, that's nice" but have been mostly
scratching your head over the whole thing, give them time. It will

My REAL journey with the 111 experience, while it will always remain
near and dear to my heart, has concluded. The write-up is now
considered "archived in place". There will be no further updates.

From the post-9/11 world of 2001:

When I fixed the "completion date" for my experience with 111 as
November 1, 2000 (11/01) and when I put up that opening page showing
the "END 111" road sign, I thought about what that meant and what it
would mean to others who had been following my 35 year journey. "the
COMPLETED 111 experience of J'lahn: 1965-2000". END 111. Finished.
Done. Yes, END 111. This meant that I began, at that instant in time,
to make a conscious effort to see/feel my experience with 111 as
"completed", as something that was useful for a time (nearly 3 dozen
years), but as something that was now being discarded into the file
folders of my past. I remember thinking, "wow, even my good old 1:11
Skyline from the early 80's (that ONE ONE ONE skyline) is NO MORE a
symbol of 111." END 111. And now, to see that the "11" of that 1:11
skyline has simply been TAKEN AWAY, it makes me wonder why I had these
thoughts. Why END 111? Why? Somehow, at the time, it just made sense.
END 111.

From October, 2002:

Just to clear a few things up: ALL_SEVEN is not something that you
count. It used to be something you could simply "count" (way back when
this particular Vision was received) but it's certainly not that now.
My post-11/01/00 work (you know, after "the 111 experience" concluded)
has moved way beyond the simple basement-level activity of simply
"counting" these Seven Objects. Talking about simply counting the
Objects that make up the ALL_SEVEN is like talking about counting the
pillars and rocks in Stonehenge. You don't stand there and count the
pillars and rocks in Stonehenge (who knows, maybe YOU do, but I
didn't). You look at it as a collection of Objects that are united,
somehow, into a broader statement. The underscores simply UNDERSCORE
the fact that the Two Objects on either side of the Three Objects in
the middle are separate and distinct YET WHOLLY CONNECTED to the
broader Vision that the ALL_SEVEN has come to represent. The Two Sets
of Two on either side, by the nature of the position they hold, are
more connected to each other than to The Three in the middle. But the
Two Sets of Two TAKEN TOGETHER are fully and completely united with
The Three to form this near-perfect representation that IS ALL_SEVEN.
Also - if you're seeing the ALL_SEVEN in 2 dimensions (which you
probably are since you're reading mostly FLAT characters off of the
screen right now) you're missing a key aspect of The Vision. The
Vision is 3-D and has a 4-D aspect as well (its position varies with
respect to time). It has a higher dimensional quality too (5-D and
beyond) that relates to the fact that the ALL_SEVEN, even in its 4-D
mode, is merely a lower dimensional SHADOW PUPPET of a higher
dimensional Object or set of Objects. Also, if you think that each
object in the ALL_SEVEN representation is the same size, I'm here to
tell you that they are not. They are of varying sizes and the 2-D is only what you might
(keyword = MIGHT) see if you looked at the ALL_SEVEN from a particular
set of spatial coordinates around the structure. Not only does their
size vary, their composition does as well. Heck, they even have very
distinct tastes. I can tell you that the Object in the middle, raised
higher than the others, tastes like strawberry. And to top it off,
these characteristics vary as you map The Representation into the
higher order dimensions!

From November 2002:

::: the Three Keys of J'lahn :::

Version 14.7
Copyright Jim Ward-Nichols 2002
All Rights Reserved

Key I :: Aldehyde Reductase, w/Number, Aleph/Gimel/Kaph ::

Key II :: Hyponitrite Reductase, w/Text, Beth/Daleth/Tzaddi ::
11:11 =||:||=22=HEXF=15=TheHornedOne=OMEGA=1

Key III :: DNA-Directed DNA Polymerase, w/Communication, Yod/He/Vau ::

From June 21, 2003:

Some stuff I'm working with right now -

1) The expression X(2) - which has value [1,1,1,1]). It's the set of
weights for a surface in ordinary projective space.

2) The expression WH(X(2),4) - which computes the primitive Hodge
numbers of a quartic surface.

3) As well as the following 22 manifolds -

Euler h11 h21 k1 k2 k3 k4 k5
588 320 26 12 41 318 742 1113
720 377 17 18 41 313 744 1116
432 229 13 11 14 111 147 172
456 265 37 7 18 111 265 394
426 239 26 4 29 111 148 263
456 245 17 11 15 111 148 270
384 198 6 30 49 111 380 570
384 198 6 21 38 111 229 399
432 229 13 22 28 111 294 455
372 224 38 9 14 111 259 384
330 173 8 14 16 67 111 141
360 204 24 5 19 82 111 198
336 185 17 16 21 111 296 444
300 174 24 8 11 46 111 165
288 259 115 2 21 111 266 398
276 200 62 4 19 111 264 398
252 142 16 8 11 65 92 111
264 160 28 6 32 111 187 336
234 124 7 14 20 29 77 111
216 116 8 13 15 42 56 111
216 114 6 12 42 44 55 111
220 118 8 12 17 35 64 111

And coming in late 2003: A summary of the NicholsWard-Nichols, Ltd.
initial evaluation of ANKS, A New Kind of Science.
NicholsWard-Nichols, Ltd.? It's the family thinktank/subteam led by my
PhD-laden father (he's got two PhDs, actually). We're not public. Yet.
We're just quietly working in the background... evaluating this...
analyzing that... you know, kind of like humble cobblers... humble
cobblers with HUGE, POWERFUL BRAINS.

Again, Mr. Nenslo, you're just NOT paying attention. Events progress,
but your filters are blocking them. You've been blinded. You're jaded.
And that's unfortunate.

There's still plenty of time left to PAY ATTENTION (at the very least,
until 12/21/12). But you have to start right now.

HORROR "I'm the bad guy? How'd that happen?" SHOW
"Appearing Monthly in NJ, KS, DC, and Washington Square Park, NYC"

"All my life I've awaited your coming and dreaded it."

"I knew soon."

"Now you listen to me. While I will admit to a certain cynicism, the
fact is I am a naysayer and hatchetman in the fight against violence.
I pride myself on taking a punch and I'll gladly take another because
I choose to live my life in the company of Gandhi and King. My
concerns are global. I reject absolutely pride, aggression, and
retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love."

"That such truths may seem trivial I am well aware."

"Show him My Children, show him the Pretty Marks."


From: (MRvDC)

There's a Slack Avenue in Lawrenceville. Isn't there?

I sorta grew up in South Jersey. Went to West Deptford Middle School.
I remember. Every other Friday. They would announce. Over the
loudspeaker: "The Eagle has landed."

But. We all knew. It was payday.


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