Phobos is missing

From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <>
Date: Thu, Apr 24, 2003

In article <4hJpa.14898$>, Rev. 11D Meow!
<> wrote:
> Worse yet, a comet may hit Hit, Iraq on June 10, 2002:

> If this comet is discovered by observers, then others more competent than I
> am will be able to compute its impact time and place rigorously, taking into
> account Earth's gravity. If the place is in Iraq, there is a danger that
> military leaders in Baghdad may believe that the impact is not an act of God
> but a nuclear attack upon Iraq. If so, they may themselves initiate nuclear
> war upon Israel. It is the duty of Christian believers to convince our
> Muslim brothers that this little comet from Mars will be the cause of the
> powerful explosion that will occur in their country.

And here I'd been fretting about getting my taxes in late.

> Glen W. Deen, BSEE
> 820 Baxter Drive
> Plano, Texas 75025 USA

Yeah. Plano. Figures.

4th Stangian Orthodox MegaFisTemple Lodge of the Wrath of Dobbs Yeti,
Resurrected (Rev. Ivan Stang, prop.)


From: "Rev. Magdalen" <>

"Mrs. Plingeberries' Bar" <> wrote:
> Phobos - the moon of Mars is missing ?

I read this book! Yeah and it turns out that Phobos is missing because
aliens did it. I can't remember the rest, I think it turns out that the
world is about to end. But the aliens definitely took Phobos. They're
using it for a space ship. They might not be aliens either, they might
be our descendants from the future, but hey, same dif, right.

Oh wait, now I remember something else from that book -- if little
mechanical spider robots want to crawl in your ear, you should let them
because that means the aliens are going to save you from the destruction
of the Earth, which is not their fault but is the fault of other, evil

They are mean because they are rejects from society.

--Bill Palmer on SubGenii


From: nenslo <>

EAR? I got the wrong spider robots.


From: (Rev.Geo)

"Rev. Magdalen" <> wrote:
> I read this book! Yeah and it turns out that Phobos is missing because
> aliens did it.

Not true.

I'm responsible,
I've been on this low carb diet, and the damn thing looked so much
like a giant baked potato that...

(It was good, but the 50,000 gallons of butter was a bitch to get
through the checkout line...)



From: Joe Cosby <>

I only needed about 20 pounds of butter for Jon-Benet.

Joe Cosby

> "The Lord of the jungle immerses himself in an orgy of blood and lust.
> The Man of Bronze thirsts for a devastating revenge. Their final
> meeting is a climax of sex, violence and perversion that will never be
> forgotten. For the loser -- a hideous death. For the winner -- a
> beautiful, voluptuous woman and the promise of immortality..."

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