Sacred Image Desecrators - BEWARE!!!

From: Artemia Salina <>
Date: Thu, May 6, 2004

Rev. Ivan Stang wrote:
> There was a crazy naked hippie on mushrooms who chased the limo on July
> 5 X-Day 98 when it pulled into the campground at 6:45 am. The naked
> hippie was seriously trying to kill whoever was inside (happened to be
> me, Jesus, Magdalen and someone else) and might have, if he hadn't
> collapsed after trying to catch us for half a mile-- but he was not a
> SubGenius, just an attendee of one of the other festivals, gone berserk
> on the Con street drugs.*

> * In the 1998 video, this guy is visible for a few frames as a home
> video camera zooms in on the limo just before it rounds a bend on the
> far side of the campground road.

I realize that there is footage of the assignation of "Bob", (and although
I've seen it with my own eyes I still can't believe it) but if ever there
was a Subgenius Zapruder Film, this must be it!

The JFK deal had a "magic bullet" and this guy was loaded with "magic
mushrooms", even. Too bad the videographer didn't catch more of Naked
Mushroom Man chasing the limo. You could do a frame-by-frame slo-mo
bit with the guy falling on his face in exhaustion.

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