The Millennium Era

From: Doktor DynaSoar <>
Date: Fri, Mar 12, 2004

"Eileen Lakes" <> wrote:
} The earth is "a closed environmental experiment planet" & "a closed genetic
} engineering experiment planet" of our Creators (Elohim & the space aliens).
} And, the space aliens created us, the mankind, with their genetic
} engineering technology. In addition, they manage the natural environment
} of the earth, humans' society, and everything of the earth, and send us the
} energy for us to live here with the super computers in 7-12 underground
} bases of them in the inside of the magma of the underground earth.

That city was Dallas. It may be Cleveland now. It's not completely
sure if since the Sacred Scribe moved, the Center shifted also.

} In the near future, we will establish the World Unified Nation (The Kingdom
} of God), whose capital city will be in the U. S. A., in the earth for the
} New Space Scientific Era, following the support of the Universal Federation!
} "The Kingdom of God" will be an ideal nation where humans and nature will
} harmonize well and it will be filled with love and hope. All the persons
} will be receiving the favor of the advanced science and technology in the
} highly advanced scientific civilization. Most persons can have the life
} span of more than 1,000 years, have a young and healthy body owing to the
} development of the genetic engineering technology. And most persons will
} get large and good energy, and have more than 200 of intelligence index
} (IQ). People will have happy daily lives so that they can demonstrate each
} one's talent in the society to its maximum.

Once upon the Saucer of Removal, their technology will allow us to be
what we wish, have anything we wish and do anything we wish. There
will be no need for anything to be forbidden. There will be no need of
forgiveness. We will have the Sacred Excuse.

} We should do the followings so that we may survive or be reborn in "The
} Kingdom of God." Let's pray to our Creators with love and gratitude every
} day. Let's have faith to our Creators, the neighborly love including the
} family love, and the hope for the future in our mind. Let's use our own
} talents for the society. And let's do the righteous behaviors for the
} eternal life.

Eternal Salvation can be YOURS, or triple your money back! No other
Church offers that promise!

} MILLENNIUM ERA is the stage for you to make spiritual progress for a new
} Millennium human, this new space age, the Kingdom of God, this new highly
} scientific civilization, etc. We hope that you will improve yourself for the
} eternal life gradually in our site of Utopia Network.

The VERY BEST of all the One True Religions.

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