Vote for LaRouche

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Date: Mon, Mar 15, 2004

Den Mu wrote:
> You should check

La Rouche! Almost as whacky as Bush!
Differences between Bush and LaRouche.

LaRouche: Knows who Nicholas of Cusa is.
Bush: Knows where to borrow a flight suit.

LaRouche: Self proclaimed "World's greatest economist".
Bush: Self proclaimed "World's greatest Republican economic policy creator".

La Rouche: Don't let him know your credit card number.
Bush: Knows America's credit card number.

LaRouche: Has a small following of kooks and loonies.
Bush: Has a large following of kooks and loonies.

La Rouche: Smart enough probably not to lie the US into a war.
Bush: Not as smart as La Rouche, did lie us into a war.

LaRouche: Entertaining kook.
Bush: Not entertaining as long as this kook actually holds office

LaRouche: Articulate, literate, well spoken.
Bush: Can read a teleprompter. Usually.

LaRouche: Looking for a job
Bush: Looking for 2.6 million jobs

"I was not prepared to shoot my eardrum out with a shotgun
in order to get a deferment. Nor was I willing to go to
Canada. So I chose to better myself and learn to fly airplanes."
- George W. Bush May 1984 to the Houston Chronicle

Cheerful Charlie

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