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For the conspiracy freeks among us (if any remain, that is), this
appears to be a live one. You can't string together this amount of
material with your plain vanilla everyday paranoia.

On Mon, 05 Jan 2004 22:42:39 GMT, no name <> wrote:

} On Tue, 06 Jan 2004 10:47:29 -0800, Sir Gooligan Hooray <>
} wrote:
} Zecharia Sitchen's 12th planet is also supposed to arrive in our solar
} system in 2012.
} >-Caveat Lector-
} > The June 8th 2004 'King's Heart' Conspiracy Theory
} >
} >OK, the OESkipping Arch Skeptics', (are those that believe not in God
} >and those who study Ancient Egypt and yet believe not in OElife
} >following natural death' and also those who OEhop' over circumstantial
} >evidence), are the most difficult to reach, in that they are seemingly
} >not convinced by the likes of me that there is another very real realm
} >entered into at death, namely, the OERealm of Death' or the Realm of
} >Life'.
} >
} >OK, now this, I feel has a lot going for it...
} >
} >Members of the British Royal Family will be invited to attend the
} >ceremony of the OEHeart of the Dauphin' at Saint Denis Basilica near
} >Paris, France on June 8th 2004, that is 209 years after the 10 year
} >old uncrowned King Louis XVII of France died. The desiccated heart of
} >the Dauphin was returned to France in 1975 where it was placed in a
} >crystal urn in one of the chapels in the Saint Denis Basilica.
} >
} >The heart is of Louis XVII, the would-be boy-King of France, the
} >second son of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, was born at Versailles
} >on March 27th 1785, and was christened the very same day as Louis
} >Charles, and given the title of the Duke of Normandy. And Louis
} >Charles became Dauphin on the death of his elder brother on the June
} >4th 1789.
} >
} >It is only with his incarceration in the Temple prison on August 13th
} >1792, that his very short history becomes of interest. In the Temple
} >prison Louis Charles was then separated from his mother and aunt to be
} >put in his father's charge, except for a few hours daily, but was
} >restored to the women when his father was isolated from his family at
} >the beginning of his trial in the following December. The royal
} >prisoners included the King and Queen, their daughter Marie Therese
} >Charlotte (Madame Royale), the King's sister Madame Elisabeth, the
} >valet Clery and others. The prisoners were lodged at first in the
} >smaller tower at the Temple prison, but were removed to the larger
} >tower on October 27th 1792.
} >
} >In 1793, both the King and Queen were beheaded and so Marie Antoinette
} >had to leave her eight year old Louis XVII son imprisoned in the
} >Temple Tower. Far from inheriting a throne, the orphaned boy King had
} >to endure the hostility and abuse of a nation. Two years later, the
} >revolutionary leaders declared the boy King Louis XVII dead. No grave
} >was dug, no monument built to mark his death. There was never to be
} >again the French people shouting "Long Live the Kingo/oo.
} >
} >So history has shown us that the youngest child of the guillotined
} >King and Queen was taken to the Temple prison in Paris in 1792. And we
} >are informed that very special date of June 8th 1795, a child died
} >there of tuberculosis and a doctor by the name of Pelletan who
} >participated in the autopsy smuggled out of prison the Dauphin's
} >heart, the eldest son of the dead King Louis XVI. But some believed it
} >was not the heart of the dauphin that was removed, but that of another
} >boy, because the dauphin had escaped from the Temple prison.
} >
} >Thus for many years there were the arguments over whose boy's heart
} >and for years a dramatic tale is slowly unwoven in France's history
} >that involves pretenders to the Crown, royalist plots and palace
} >intrigue, bizarre legal battles, and modern science. The quest for the
} >truth continued into the 21st century, when, thanks to DNA testing,
} >the strange adventure of a stolen heart resting among the royal tombs
} >in the Saint Denis Basilica was brought a conclusion to the mystery
} >concerning the last uncrowned King of France. For the heart in its
} >crystal urn is that of the ten boy King Louis XVII of the Habsburg
} >family.
} >
} >And so the very gathering next June 8th 2004 in the Saint Denis
} >Basilica will no doubt include some members of the invited British
} >Royal Family, speaks volumes by such a date being selected, and not
} >just because it will 209 years since the boy King died.
} >
} >But first to my own detective work by way on simple number crunching
} >to hopefully establish the metaphysical intentions of the perpetrator,
} >concerning the age of the boy Dauphin when he died on June 8th 1795
} >aged 10.1988 years, having been born at Versailles on March 27th 1785.
} >
} >And the uncrowned boy King Louis XVII aged 10.1988 years is 3,725.056
} >days. And this is what happens when the days in the life of the
} >Dauphin are multiplied x Pi thrice x 2/1,000 is the very powerful
} >reference number 231.0002310, that is the Feather Serpent of Central
} >America, or the Ancient Egyptian falcon masked god Horus, the
} >merciless killer of the sky. Because 231 is made up of the Serpent at
} >170 + the mask of the falcon at 61.
} >
} >And the United States of America uses the Old English gallon, called
} >the Winchester gallon at 231 cubic inches for their gasoline, their
} >OEhorse-power', the reference number for the Feathered Serpent, the god
} >Quetzalcoatl, the great Aztec god.
} >
} >Now the reciprocal of 2.310002310e-04 is 4329. And 432,900,000 is made
} >up of the Great Pyramid's volume at 91,575,000 cubic feet x 4 +
} >66,600,000 is 432,900,000.
} >
} >And the OEprofane' mina ball weight of Ancient Egypt, a standard weight
} >found in a wall inside the Queen's Chamber of the Great Pyramid
} >weighing at 8,325 grains or 1.189285 pounds. And 8,325 grains x 8 mina
} >weights is 66,600 grains. So the god Horus at 231 is very much the
} >OEGod of the Pyramid' that is the OEGod of Natural Death' for the Great
} >Pyramid is the world's symbol of natural human death.
} >
} >OK, so the Dauphine died, or was killed on June 8th 1795, so that the
} >last uncrowned King of France had the very reference number for
} >Quetzalcoatl, the great Aztec god, that is Horus.
} >
} >Or course some will say the Dauphin died, and coincidently the
} >reference number was found. But please wait a moment and I will show
} >you how the modern State of Israel has the same reference number of
} >the OELast boy King of France, and even a few will still say this is
} >yet another coincidence, which I vehemently say was no coincidence,
} >but a deliberate act of measurement.
} >
} >OK, the new State of Israel has an area of 7,992.6 square miles of
} >which 108.10 square miles of Dead Sea. And very OEdead' is the 108.10
} >square miles of Dead Sea under the authority of the State of Israel.
} >Because 108.100007 square miles and x 0.75 and /Pi and squared is
} >OE666'.
} >
} >And the area of the State of Israel at 7,992.60010 square miles x
} >1,000,000 and square root and divided by 24 hours is 3,7250.056 days,
} >the life of the Dauphin, and x Pi thrice x 2/1,000 is Horus at
} >231.0002310.
} >
} >So the Skeptics will have to contend with, (but they won't bother, but
} >that ignorant attitude does not remove the calculation), with someone
} >in the United Nations wanting to have the American god Quetzalcoatl,
} >KKK, metaphysically show himself as the OERuler of Israel' and that
} >OEDeath' reigns supreme as emphasized by the territory chosen from the
} >Dead Sea as that of the State of Israel. Thus the Dauphin, the
} >uncrowned boy King of France is used to represent Quetzalcoatl who is
} >formed and fashioned out of the OEPyramid of Death'.
} >
} >OK, and the gathering to celebrate the OEheart' of the Dauphin on June
} >8th 2004 is related to September 11th 2001, a difference of 1,000
} >days, that is 1,440,000 minutes. And 144,000 days deducted from
} >September 11th 2001 is June 8th 1607. Now Horus at 231 less one set of
} >eagle's wings at 44 is 187, the other reference number of
} >Quetzalcoatl, that is 61 + man at 126 is 187. And 187 years added to
} >June 8th 1607 is June 8th 1794 (and one year before the death of the
} >Dauphin and 210 years before June 8th 2004, and 210 years x 12 is 40
} >times 126 and 126 is the very Eye of Horus, that is the spirit man in
} >all humans and released at death).
} >
} >And Quetzalcoatl at both 231 x 187 x 231 x 187 and /400 and square
} >root is 2,159.850 miles, the diameter of the Moon. And the book of
} >Genesis says the Moon is the symbol of the Ruler of Darkness.
} >
} >And so my June 8th 2004 conspiracy theory is related to Mars Hill,
} >Paris where stands the Eiffel Tower that symbolizes the OESupreme Being
} >of Darkness' who was celebrated by the French Revolution Dictator
} >Robespierre on June 8th 1794. And the location where Eiffel built his
} >OEIron Pillar' it is the place where Robespierre stated that all France
} >must now believe in a Supreme Being, and that he was the High Priest
} >to this very powerful god. What worried the people was that they were
} >told they had souls once again, and this meant judgment after death.
} >But the Robespierre lived only 50 days after his OEField of Mars'
} >statement, for he was his decapitated by Madame Guillotine.
} >
} >The Eiffel Tower is the world's most notable marker that is OEOut of
} >Egypt' because the cube root of OE10' x 20.612 inches, the Royal Cubit
} >of the Great Pyramid, and squared and halved, and as feet, it is
} >986.00005 feet, the height of the Eiffel Tower, the symbol of the
} >Supreme Being of Darkness. And so the Eiffel Tower stands as a
} >OElandmark' for all France, and the official land area for France is
} >212,822 square miles, and 212,822.63 squared twice x 0.75 and this is
} >equivalent to spiritual Fire at 109,000 x Fire at 10,900 x Fire at
} >10,900 x Fire at 10,900 x Fire at 10,900. So France is a land of Fire.
} >
} >But then September 11th 2001 is only the OETime Gate' to OENew World
} >Order Day' that is December 22nd 2012, when the OEAge of the Jaguar' no
} >doubt set by Quetzalcoalt ends.
} >
} >And counting from June 8th 1794, the day of the Supreme Being of
} >Darkness until New World Order Day on December 22nd 2012 is 218.539984
} >years, and squared twice is equivalent to 6,110 x 610 x 610
} >emphasizing the reference number for the Skull and Bones at 611 (Skull
} >322 + Crossbones at 289) and 611 is the reference number for the
} >Order of the Illuminati and the very OEGates of Hell'.
} >
} >So Skeptics you can see how it works, but then most won't bother to
} >see, and never will no matter what circumstantial evidence is offered.
} >Sad.
} >
} > JohnDM
} >
} >
} >======================================
} >Disclaimer:
} >Nothing to do with Sir Gooligan Hooray.
} >It is just some Ko0k rant found
} >in my computer monitor.
} >

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