What's Wrong with Being Human?

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...and then there was this one too. And it (the subject) doesn't mean
WHAT'S SO BAD about being human, either. It means - WHY HUMANS SUCK.
Kinda neatly sums it all up.

What's Wrong with Being Human?

A Report on the State of Being Human in this Age

Human bodies are a terrible heavy burden and are cumbersome and yet
very fragile.
Human bodies require a lot of constant maintenance. Humans are
burdened with needing to eat, sleep, eliminate wastes, clean, and
constantly struggle daily to survive.
The female body is terribly distorted and thus extremely uncomfortable
and awkward and burdensome, which also restricts movement and
decreases strength and balance and stability. Females suffer the
menstrual cycle and the accompanying hormonal fluctuations, as well as
pregnancy and childbirth, and yet females somehow masochistically like
being female.
When humans (or animals) are damaged or deformed, it is permanent and
lifelong, and nothing can be done to restore them.
Human beings age and as they age, their bodies, minds, and lives
The human brain and body are so limiting. Self-expression and
intelligent communication are almost impossible.
Almost everything in this world causes pain or discomfort or harm to
the human body.
There is a constant struggle against exhaustion. Every movement has a
Females are prone to being irrational, overly emotional, silly, and
scatter-brained; while males are prone to being aggressive,
impersonal, insensitive, and defensive about their masculinity. Both
are shallow in their own way. Neither gender wants to admit to their
flaws and they are each hostile towards the other and cannot
understand the other.

Everything in earthly creation is so prone to permanent damage or
All of God's earthly creatures hurt, kill, and eat each other.
Everything in the world requires constant maintenance by human beings.
Everything in this world is a frustration and a struggle.
Everything in the earthly creation decays over time.
Everything is impossible to clean, and just constantly becomes more
dirty again anyway.
Nothing is ever perfect, nothing is ever good enough, nothing is ever
the way you want it to be.

Humans are all in competition against each other.
Humans cannot understand each other and don't seek to.
Humans are in constant conflict and alienation with each other.
Humans want always to be in control of everything.
Humans are very stubborn and careless about their safety.
Human beings are becoming more and more disorganized.
Humans are becoming more and more chaotic.
Humans need constant change because they can never reach satisfaction
with anything.
Humans are becoming more and more scatter-brained and absent-minded in
daily life.
Humans engage in meaningless babble conversations for the sake of a
ritualistic fake courtesy.
It's very hard for humans to believe and understand spiritual things
they can't see.
Humans don't believe anything unless they have experienced it or
witnessed it.
Human intelligence is very low and they are not capable of
understanding much.
Human beings are like helpless children, lost and confused, without
Humans need an authority to give them rules and tell them what to
think and do.
Humans have a deliberate apathy, indifference, sloppiness, laziness,
stupidity, and carelessness and it is increasing over time.
Humans don't care much about truth or accuracy. They learn a little
about a lot and know nothing.
Humans are irrationally emotional and prone to hysteria. They prefer
feelings over facts.
Though they are taught knowledge, humans don't seem to grow or become
wiser from it. They don't apply it and it doesn't impact them
When humans observe suffering, they become self-absorbed, judgmental,
insensitive, and hardened. When they experience it themselves, they
become selfless, wise, sensitive, and compassionate.
Wisdom and maturity are gained more by internal, unusual, unseen
suffering than by external, common, obvious suffering.
Human immaturity is mostly caused by inexperience with suffering and
ignorance about suffering.
Humans only care about what is of personal interest to them and the
rest they disregard.
Humans have become zombies in this age, in a permanent state of
Humans in this age suffer from a constant burnout and overstimulation
fatigue, yet to try to counteract it, they keep stimulating themselves
more and more.
Society is on the verge of collapsing due to the modern human way of
life that they call "progress" in which they create an unnatural
environment and way of life.
Humans are arrogant in their opinions and ignorance, always believing
they have the authority and knowledge and wisdom to judge and refusing
to believe they are wrong.
Humans are egocentric - each one thinks he is the center of existence.
Humans are always focused on themselves and think that God is only
concerned about them.
They are always making assumptions instead of seeking the truth or
admitting that they don't have access to that information.
They base their beliefs on their own personal experiences and judge
everything, including other people according to them.
They think in extremes, in black and white terms, and they assume
everyone is the same and can be categorized and labeled.
Humans don't even seem to notice their own apathy and rude behavior or
the miserable state of their world.
Humans are very arrogant about being human despite the fact that they
are the lowest of God's peoples. They think they are the greatest
creation and that God only cares about them and that everything He
does revolves around them. They absurdly cannot see that they are
animals and many believe that lower animals don't have souls. They
believe that angels were made to take care of them and adore them, and
that everything was made just for them, and that they will eventually
be higher than angels in status. They also seem to believe that what
angels do in the angelic realm is meaningless and they won't receive
any rewards.
Humans seem to be getting better at things requiring speed, endurance,
and strength, but worse at things requiring precision, organization,
concentration, and intelligence.
Intelligence for humans has become a matter of memory, studying, and
learning facts and figures, instead of real intelligence which is
perceptiveness, sensitivity, mindfulness, being acutely aware, having
understanding and motivation to understand, discernment, wisdom,
analysis, and depth of thought.
This generation is a distrustful, cynical generation, unbelieving in
their futile thinking. Christians can't even understand the Bible or
the Holy Spirit's wisdom.
So many humans try to deceive others or spread their own deceived
state that as a result, humans can't see who to believe and so believe
no one except certain authority figures they have put their trust in,
such as church leaders and other people with such status.
Humans seem to be uncoordinated with each other and they always clash
with each other and get in each other's way.
Though they have a freewill, humans always seem to be controlled by
their animal instincts and emotions, such as procreation.
Humans almost always depict angels as delicate women or babies, which
is unbiblical and very offensive to angels. Angels are powerful,
strong, mighty, righteous warriors for the Lord, serious and wise and
intelligent servants and messengers for the Almighty. They are not
cute or feminine or childlike in any way, or in any other way silly
and frivolous and fairy-like.
Humans base their opinions on the ideas or assumptions church leaders
or other authorities have, even when it's not in the Bible, and do not
seek true wisdom from the Holy Spirit and mindful reasoning. They
become indoctrinated and brainwashed into believing all manner of
extra-biblical ideology in churches.
Humans are conformists like sheep and irrational.
Humans become easily distracted and confused.
Humans are quick to criticize, punish, and devalue, and slow to
encourage, reward, and esteem.
Humans are reckless and irresponsible. They seek quick fixes and
don't think ahead about long-term consequences. It's a miracle humans
survive each day.
It is the person who causes harm that has all the rights, and the
person who is harmed has none to protect himself from being harmed.
Humans believe that to limit the one causing the harm would be
infringing on his rights concerning what he is allowed to do.
Human emotions change one's state of mind, which is very disturbing,
because it is like being different people with different thoughts and
a different outlook at different times, depending on these volatile
They think stimulants make them function better when really it causes
them to be distracted, careless, sloppy, mindless, burnt-out, and
lacking in attention, and increases their stupidity, and then it is
very difficult to deal with them intelligently.
Instead of dividing up jobs according to abilities and giving jobs to
those most suited for each one, humans, like a disorganized mob, all
want to do the same thing, and all want to do what other people are
doing, creating havoc and a degraded quality of society. Example:
Everyone wants to procreate instead of the people best suited to have
and raise children.
Humans seek quantity of life on this Earth rather than quality and
they don't seem to have much interest in leaving this terrible place
and going home.
Humans don't seem to be capable of much real love and devotion and
thus they are not very capable of having lasting, meaningful
Humans are selfish and ungrateful and unappreciative. They take
everything they have for granted and they have only a very limited
ability to care about and empathize with others. They are quick to
abandon loved ones when their limitations are surpassed.
Humans have a very bleak, shallow view of relationships, thinking of
them as temporary and replaceable, casual interactions.
Humans are untrustworthy, changeable, unreliable, undependable, and
The identities of humans keep changing throughout their lives and
stages of growth. Do they even have any constant true self?
Humans seem determined to pair off for no reason, yet their marriages
are meaningless and shallow, and their spouses are seemingly randomly
chosen and practically interchangeable. They are like strangers
living together, yet in different worlds. And because humans are
always changing, spouses grow apart.
It's lonely being human. It's more lonely being an angelic being
trapped in the human world. What Jesus Christ who is God had to
endure being human is unimaginable.
When humans can't handle reality, they deny it, and can no longer even
see it. They call this a "coping mechanism". We call this "crazy".
They think that is normal and even healthy and they think that sanity
is crazy.
The worst thing about being human, besides sinning against God, is
never being able to really completely understand another human being
and his perspective and experience.

Human Beings are created in the image of Jesus Christ and God loves
His children so much He sent His son Jesus to live and die as a human
so that His children can live with Him in perfection forever. And He
sent His Holy Spirit to guide and comfort His children.

And remember, in addition to being God, Jesus is also human!
Therefore blessed are the humans who are saved through Him and belong
to Him!


As miserable as it has been, we are so thankful for the opportunity to
experience being human, most of all so we can have the relationship
with Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as Savior the way humans do. And
now, despite our anger with humans, we have more empathy with them
than ever. We were sent by God to do this, but we also chose to do it
out of our own freewill because of our love for human beings. It is
worth it.


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"Horror Show" <jlwn42@att.net> wrote a bunch of horseshit.

Why don't you take these pamphlets what you're spamming this group with,
roll 'em up nice'n' tight, and ram 'em up your pee hole.


Subject: Re: What's Wrong with Being Human?
From: jlwn42@att.net (Horror Show)

I'm sorry, should I have put "OT:" in front of the subject? Other than
that, this information seemed ripe for alt.slack. It's been baking
since December, 1999.


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"Horror Show" <jlwn42@att.net> wrote in message

> Hi.



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Sorry, no meds to keep one from being a asshole.

If there were, I woulda tried 'em a long time ago.


Subject: Re: What's Wrong with Being Human?
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So, Horror, you've been laid off like me! I just go out and work in the yard
rather then clog up the boards with worthless crap.

get more fresh air and sunshine that way!

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Gimme a big yellow pad, a few pencils and 20,000 years and I'll try to
explain it by talking about FIGHT CLUB.



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> I'm sorry, should I have put "OT:" in front of the subject? Other than
> that, this information seemed ripe for alt.slack. It's been baking
> since December, 1999.

Well put that fucker back in the oven..it aint nearly done yet...

Jonny Bravo
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