An Observation on Usenet

From: Artemia Salina <>
Date: Thu, Feb 26, 2004

MAN! I write words here and other people read them where THEY are!

That's just SO COOL!

"Please God, help me cleanse the computer of viruses and evil photographs
that disturb and ruin my work ..., so that I shall be able to cleanse
myself." -- Rabbi Shlomo Eliahu


From: "Pretzelcoatl" <pretzelco@l>

Evidently you have been comparing and contrasting that scene in Charles
Maturin's "Melmoth the Wanderer," the mise-en-scène in which eternal Melmoth
regards shipwrecked sailors being devoured by sharks with a blissful
serenity with the scene in Lautremont's "Maldoror" which is fascinatingly
similar, suggesting that le Comte de Lautremont was in fact familiar with
and in admiration of the Maturin. You also appear to have been
deconstructing the Proofs of Immanuel Kant, which is as honorable as it is
deplorable. One salutes your intellectual vigor, your various and sundry
critical faculties, the fortitude of your spleen and ideal, as Baudelaire
did describe. ARPANET was your Hobbsian Leviathan, your Keane child with
magnificent eyes, whereas USENET is your Moore-like Utopia, or perhaps your
Arcadia as depicted in the tableaux of the baroque painter Nicolas Poussin,
or for that matter the milieu of the primarily hued Madonna-con-Bambinos of
a Raphael, a Titian, a Fra Angelico in all your Uffizis, your Vatican
Cities, your Louvres of the psyche. That is good! Or as you so vernacularly
ejaculate in all-caps, "cool." From node to node, this medium is like unto
the Net of Indra of yon Hindu tradition, that multiheaded cobra, that old
octopus of Frank Norris, who was American, or perhaps not unlike a dissolute
uncloth'd game of "Twister" circa 1967 replete with swinging singles, cheap
scented candles, incense and peppermints, tambourines and elephants offered
unto Gog and Magog. There was that enigmatic monolith in the grand cinema of
Stanley, and soon thereafter clockwork ultraviolence, followed by Lady
Lyndon's betrayal by her betrothed, but now there is this, the gnosis that
surpasseth that offered by the serpent of Genesis, the photovoltaic
chemistry of Benjamin Franklin, the vagina dentata of Jung, the maximum hold
of the Final 'Net.

I have read your posting to the USENET in earnestness and with pretentiously
overestimated mango salsa, yet as you have messaged in electrons, binary
codings, and pixels, I am not where you are! Neither shalt thou be here now.

O tempore! O mores! O wenches of loose morals it tattered rags with swollen
breasts! Here is wisdom. Let there be locations.

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