Appy Polly Loggy

From: "iDRMRSR" <>
Date: Sun, Sep 28, 2003

This past week, I made reference to two subjects, which, I must agree,
portions of the SubGenius community have no connection with:

1. Showers
2. Underwear

I sincerely apologize if either or both of the above are outside your
personal experience. Praise Bob.



From: Modemac <>

But it's so much *sexier* to not wear underwear. You can go to the
mall and just imagine what those scantily clad underage mallrats would
think if they knew you were walking around with only a thin layer of
denim protecting your jewels!

Then again, it's bettr to imagine what they'd think *after* they burst
out laughing.

First Online Church of "Bob"


From: Joe Cosby <>

I have 20/20 esp, so I KNOW exactly what they think when they see a

"isthatguyonMTV?no" BZOWNT

Where "BZOWNT" is the sound of their brains shutting the subject off

This goes through a mallrat girls head 48 times per second.

Joe Cosby

He who controls vocabulary controls thought.
- Ludwig Wittgenstein


From: Artemia Salina <>

So THAT'S why the National Electrical Code forbids flourescent
lighting in shopping malls. With flourescent lighting shutting
on and off at 60 times a second I can see how the two together
would cause a terrible flickering.

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