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From: "Blackout" <blackout@sususaywhatsubgenius.com>
Date: Wed, Sep 3, 2003

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From: "Dr. Harvie Wahl-Banghor" <harvie_wahl-bangor@mindless.com>
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Sent: Monday, September 01, 2003
Subject: Re: Awww poor squirrel

> Here's a nice little thought for the day. My sister somehow inherited
> a cage with 5 or 6 mice. They turned out to be all male. Glub bless
> 'em, they soon set up a hierarchy with of course, one being the alpha
> male and if you got a top mouse, obviously, one has to be on the
> bottom rung. Let's say that one became the cage's prison bitch and it
> was soon fucked to death. Oh-oh, that meant one of them had to become
> the new prison bitch and this one was soon fucked to death. You get
> the picture. Soon there was only 1 mouse left. My sister, who lived in
> a third floor apartment, was disgusted by the whole affair (compared
> to my amusement) and took the last mouse and flung the little fucker
> from the third floor into the parking lot. She said it took a couple
> of bounces and then it took off for the hills. I guess it pays to be
> the bad ass motherfucker of the cage.


From: "Dunter Powries" <redcap@fech.spedlins>

It's allegory. The mice represent the seven deadly sins.


From: Wbarwell <Wbarwell@munnged.mylinuxisp.com>

Today, John Kerry officially announced he was running for president.
We now have nine mice in that cage, ten if you count Bush.
May the toughest mouse win.


Cheerful Charlie

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