From: nenslo <nenslo@yahoox.com>
Date: Thu, Jul 29, 2004

To remind you that you all suck. Which you do.


From: Artemia Salina <y2k@sheayright.com>
Date: Thu, Jul 29, 2004 2:32 AM

"Opinions are good things to have." -- nenslo


From: nenslo <nenslo@yahoox.com>

Just because you don't like being told a fact, that doesn't make it an opinion.
You suck - that's a FACT. You suck like a sucking sucker. FACT.


From: Joe Cosby <http://joecosby.com/code/mail.pl>


Two in one year would be great, thanks.

Joe Cosby
Tech Suppport: "Have you made backups of your software and data?"
Customer: "I didn't know it had a reverse"


From: Tantalus <nospam@here.there>

What a TROLL

The sad thing is he used to be a great artist


From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <stang@subgeniusNOSPUM.com>

Nenslo will change back from a great Troll to a great Artist if he
recieves but a kiss or blow job from a Prince or Princess who loves

But I happen to have great admiration for those few who master the
Trolling Arts, so I ain't gonna touch MY lips to that gross shriveled
thing. Much less suck his weenie.

Hey, his trollings prompted you to call him a formerly great artist.
That's probably the nicest compliment he's gotten on this newsgroup in
a long time.

If you want to really piss Nenslo off, let me show you how to do it:

"I consider Nenslo's DUMBEST and LEAST IMAGINATIVE TROLLS to be of a
higher level of artistic expression than most everybody else's oil
paintings, carefully wrought and hilariously critical essays,
psychedelic art films, spazz-rock music mixes, found-sound collages,

THAT is how to REALLY piss Nenslo off. (Similar approach also works on
me, if anyone's trying really hard to piss me off too.)

Nenslo, practically alone among alt.slack monsters, has broken my
heart, shattered my confidence and shaken my most fervently held
beliefs about myself, MANY TIMES, just using WORDS HE TYPED ON THE
INTERNET. Hardly any other troll OR "great artist" has ever done THAT.

Some of you may not LIKE having your heart, confidence, and beliefs
shaken, IF they can be shaken at all. Certainly it's not a PLEASANT
experience. But, oddly enough, I don't actually feel at all weakened by
it. JUST THE OPPOSITE! Because, a couple of times, I had to admit that
Nenslo was right. I wish I could kick his butt the way he's kicked
mine. Maybe it's just Stockholm Syndrome but Assassinated Nenmaster
Nenslo remains one of my heroes even as he's berating me and boxing my

If Nenslo had been half a gland more ambitious and energetic in the
80s, or if he'd been married to someone who was, this would be
alt.master-control and The Church of the SubGenius would be remembered,
if at all, as a short-lived imaginary offshoot of that.

4th Stangian Orthodox MegaFisTemple Lodge of the Wrath of Dobbs Yeti,
Resurrected (Rev. Ivan Stang, prop.)


From: Artemia Salina <y2k@sheayright.com>

nenslo wrote:
> Artemia Salina wrote:
>> nenslo wrote:
>> > To remind you that you all suck. Which you do.
>> "Opinions are good things to have." -- nenslo
> Just because you don't like being told


> a fact,


> that doesn't make it an opinion.


> You suck


> - that's a FACT.


> You suck like a sucking sucker.



So says The Creped Crusader.


From: nenslo <nenslo@yahoox.com>

Tantalus wrote:
> What a TROLL
> The sad thing is he used to be a great artist

Then I realized I didn't have anything to say. Art is bullshit and
artists are idiots.

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