From: Doktor DynaSoar <targeting@OMCL.mil>
Date: Thu, Dec 11, 2003

And this is the best place to say it.

Orbital Mind Control Lasers, Inc.:
"The television is not speaking to you.
There are no hidden messages there.
We have much better technology than that."


From: "Rev. Beergoggles" <spammers_suck@post.replies.please>

Doktor DynaSoar did pass the time by typing:
> And this is the best place to say it.

Long time no c.

rbg (lxix)


From: Joe Cosby <joecosby@SPAMBLOCKmindspring.com>

ALSO SPRACH Doktor DynaSoar:
>And this is the best place to say it.

I agree with this post.

Joe Cosby

Topaxi - the God of Certain Mushrooms, and also of Great Ideas you
Forget to Write Down and Will Never Remember Again, and of People who
Tell Other People That "dog" is "God" spelled backwards and think this
is in some way revelatory.

- Terry Pratchet


From: Leonard the Committed <ccssk@nospumchartermi.net>


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