May SubGenius Calendar

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Date: Sat, May 1, 2004

(Git to prayin')

1 St. Catherine I (The Great)
2 St. Nina Hartley
3 St. Frank Zappa
4 St. Rodney Allen Rippey
5 St. Tiberius
6 St. Guiness (The Stout)
7 St. Peter Lorre
8 St. Buddha/St. Chivington (Delousing Day)
9 St. Medea/St. Oedipus (approximate)
10 St. John Holmes
11 St. Salvador Dali
12 St. Hugh Hefner
13 St. Judy Tenuta
14 St. Wonder Warthog
15 St. Jagger
16 St. Bismarck
17 St. Laval homeboy
18 St. Leonard Nimoy
19 St. Fats Waller
20 St. Edward II
21 Free Money Day
22 St. Elphinstone
23 St. Slim Pickens
24 Victory over the U.S. Day (Can.)
25 St. Stalin
26 St. Lenny Bruce (The Great)
27 St. Edward Teach/Pillage Festival
28 St. Pere Ubu (Roi)
29 St. Spike Jones
30 St. Winnie Ruth Judd
31 Desecration Day


--Kino Beman, brand name


From: SubGenius Spice <>

In alt.slack, nu-monet v6.0 was all like...

:: 9 St. Medea/St. Oedipus (approximate)


this year, same day as mother's day.


From: "nu-monet v6.0" <>

Psychiatrist: "I'm afraid, Mrs Lifpschitz, that your
son Irving has an Oedipus Complex!"

Mrs Lifpschitz: "Oedipus, Schmoedipus. As long as he
loves his mother!"

"In a race between someone
Trying to get me to care
And me not caring,
I would bet on me."

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