I Have Absolutely Nothing to Say Revisited... was Re: to Stang...

From: "Dunter Powries" <fech@redcap.spedlins>
Date: Fri, Dec 26, 2003

rev. norel pref <norelpref@heavyconfetti.com> wrote:
> Authoritative one penned thus:
> > There's nothing more tedious than watching someone who
> > has convinced himself that he can shoot a ghost with a
> > cap gun.
> Perhaps more tedious might be reading someone who tries to write
> condescending posts at the end of a thread, wishing to have the "last"
> Clue: When one sees the three characters "re:" prefacing what is in
> lofty estimation to be an unworthy chain of posts, one then has have the
> option of moving on to another one. I think I shall try this myself.

Even more tedious than the condescending recapitulation post is the
dismissive summary judgement of the condescending recapitulation post post,
the sole intent of which is to deny the last word to the former.


From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <stang@subNOSPUMgenius.com>

This one here pretty much sums up Usenet.


From: "Dunter Powries" <fech@redcap.spedlins>

In a good way, right?


From: "rev. norel pref" <norelpref@heavyconfetti.com>

Does not.

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