President Bush apologizes to France.

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Date: Mon, Aug 25, 2003

Brian Pickrell wrote:
> reverend mack wrote:
> Your not a real reverend.

He most certainly is.

And it's "You're", a contraction of "You are",
not "Your", a possessive.

Rev. nu-monet (D.D.)
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From: "nu-monet v6.0" <>

Mohamed the Raghead wrote:
> "nu-monet v6.0" wrote:
> > Brian Pickrell wrote:
> > > reverend mack wrote:
> > > Your not a real reverend.
> > He most certainly is.
> Only a theology graduate can use the title
> legitimately, but you do not have to
> practice any religion to use the title.

Not entirely correct. Only *some* of the "theology
degrees" require any seminary schooling, so numerous
as to be nonsensical, anyway. For example:

A "Doctor of Divinity" (D.D.) degree can be voted by
a Reverend's congregation (simple majority), such as
"Reverend" Jesse Jackson's. And a Reverendship in
the Universal Life Church just requires a willingness
to become a Reverend.

But since educational requirements, if any, are
sectarian, i.e. particular to one given sect or
religious grouping, the government sees fit to stay
out of the "legitimate" vs. "illegitimate" argument.
For this reason, they also stay out of schismatic
disputes within a religion, especially if that
religion has an existing hierarchy or structure to
settle such disputes (usually over money and property.)

So even a SubGenius Reverend *may* assert that he or
she or it is a "legitimate" Reverend, if they insist on
it, but the authorities are under no *real* obligation
to respect clergy of any kind, even if double parked
and with a "CLERGY" sign in the window, be they a
Catholic Archbishop on trial for buggering little boys,
or a SubGenius Reverend ministering to the spiritual
needs of a cuppa koffee.

It can also be noted that, within the restrictions
of the taxation rules, which are substantial, anyone
filing federal income taxes can declare themselves to
be a Reverend.


--Kino Beman, brand name

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