The Forgotten Blue Giant Gem Resting at the Ends of the Earth.

From: nenslo <>
Date: Sat, Feb 28, 2004

Erik Evenson wrote:
> In my Dreams Just Now:
> A Gem the size of a Human Head.
> Dark Blue, Worked and Smoothed
> on One side Cracked and Chipped
> on the Other. It Rests in Deep Water.
> Maybe in the Caribbean or off the
> Coast of OZ. Many small islands
> around the Resting Spot. The
> Naked Gem Placed there Purposely.
> Such Power the Gem Calls to Me.
> It has Chosen Me not Me It.
> I Have Dreamed About the Gem
> Before in my Youth but Forgotten
> until Now. Why? Armies Desire
> the Gem and Rage at my Possession
> of It. They fight Me and Struggle with
> Me for It. My Soul and Intentions are
> Pure. There Will be Peace on Earth!!!
> I AM going back to Sleep Now,
> The Brass Bear.

I dreamed my wife bought the Family Size package of tortillas I asked
her to get, and put it in the freezer, but I opened a cabinet and found
another couple of packages stuffed in there really tight, and the top
package they weren't even in the package and they had been cut in half
and I pulled out these two stacks of half tortillas. I don't see how
there can be peace on earth with that going on. What can you do with
half a flour tortilla?


From: Artemia Salina <>

I just now woke up from a dream in which I found myself inside of
a vast warehouse *filled* with coats on racks. I realized that an
evil presence or monster was after me and that I had to get out
of that warehouse. Suddenly though, the situation changed and
I was now aware that I had to get my brother to the airport
before his plane left. At any rate I really had to get out of
that warehouse, but the coats were so densely packed on the
racks that I couldn't find my way out and was slowed down by
having to climb through the racks. As I became more desperate
I suddenly noticed a new pair of shoes on the floor. They were
bright red loafers, and I instinctively knew that they were
anti-gravity shoes, and if I put them on I'd be able to walk
across the tops of the racks and exit the warehouse. So I sat
down on the floor to put the shoes on, but when I picked them
up I realized that they were stapled together with those plastic
things they use to attach tags to items in department stores.
I tried with all my might to pull the shoes apart to no avail.
I tried to bite the staples with my teeth and chew through them
without any luck. Then I began to search around for something to
cut the plastic staples with when I came across half of a flour
tortilla. The part of the tortilla that had broken was as sharp
as broken glass, so I tried to cut the staples with it and it
worked! Cut like butter! Then I woke up.

So anyway, that's one thing you can do with half a flour tortilla.

"Please God, help me cleanse the computer of viruses and evil photographs
that disturb and ruin my work ..., so that I shall be able to cleanse
myself." -- Rabbi Shlomo Eliahu


From: "Erik Evenson" <>

Ahhhh!!! A Sign, A Sign, Everywhere are Signs.
Cannot You Also See Them.

The Good Lord Instructs:

Praise be the Hard Broken Half of a Flour Tortilla!!
Let This Modern Day Unleavened Bread of the Masses
by Used by True Believers of the Faith.
Let us use the Nacho as a Symbol of the Lord's
Promised Deliverance of the Weapon of Our
Freedom at the Last Possible Moment
before Despair Grips us in its Jaws.
When Gathered Together Let the True Believers
Acknowledge each other with a Single Wink from
the Left Eye or the Other Left Eye -- What Ever
seems Right at the Time. ;-)
Thereafter each Circular Nacho Wafer Used Shall
be broken Roughly in Half. The Wafer Can be
eaten Whole or broken in more than Two Parts
when the Group has more than One Unbeliever in
Attendance. The Dip used within the Group shall
be whatever is Available dependent on the Various
Tastes of the Group. Since True Believers Believe
in the Good Lord's Masterful Design of Our Bodies,
that the "Microscopic Enemies" to Our Bodies Are
His to Fight with Our Bodies Natural Defense
Systems, the Half Chips Shall be used to Eat the
Dip and "Double Dipping" is ALLOWED.
This Act of Homage to the "Faithfulness of Our
Lord to Help us Just in the Nick of Time" shall
Bind Us more Closely Together. We are of
One Mind and of One Body. We Act together
to Win Our Freedom from Those Who wish to
Control Our Actions.
Watch the Unbeliever in the Group and Keep a
Straight Face while Inwardly Laughly Uproarously.
The Laughter is the Sign that the Lord Laughs With
You and Renews His Covenant With You that He
is Your God.
Remember, This rule applies when there is only One
Unbeliever in any Group size of Believers.
Happy Future Laugh-ins.

I Am Always at Your Service Lord,
The Brass Bear.

of the


From: "Ned Wreck" <>

"Artemia Salina" <> wrote:
> I just now woke up from a dream in which I found myself inside of
> a vast warehouse *filled* with coats on racks.

God DAMN it. It was supposed to be cats, not coats. Cats!!!
Now I gotta go reset the fucking Dream Sequence initiator.
What a major pain in the ass that is. The instructions and
all the control labels are in Cyrillic.

Eternal Salvation or Triple Your Money Back!!! HTTP://
Total Privacy via Encryption =---

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