DVD burner w/software

From: bobdiddley@aol.com (Bobdiddley)
Date: Tue, Mar 23, 2004

www.thetrailingedge.com has a DVD burner for $140CDN, which =approx. $100US.
Best thing is, it comes with slightly outdated software which (still) allows
the new owner to make copies of other DVD's. Newer versons of the software
don't have this feature, for SOME reason.

"Pull the wool over their eyes, if they can't take a joke." - Dobbs Biddley


From: "Ned Wreck" <NedWreck@bellsouth.net>

I thought it was "Fuck 'em if they can't pull the wool over their own eyes".
My bad.
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From: Klyf Fenderson <blargh3TURNIP@lycos.com>

And here I thought it was "You'll pay to take a joke."

Confusion all 'round, I guess.

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