Creepy Christian Music

From: Modemac <>
Date: Thu, Jun 26, 2003

From the web message board at Weird Crap, the home of Psycho Dave:

Author: Lil' Psycho
Date: 06-25-03 14:43

Of all the bad Christian music that's out there (and nearly all of it
comes from America... Gee I wonder why?), perhaps the most disturbing
is the Ventriloquist puppet known as Lil' Markie. Lil' Markie is a
traveling kid's show that churches would hire to entertain and inform
kids with songs and a ventriloquist show. It's the brainchild of some
weirdo Kristian Kiddie Kook, and unfortunately he has retired. Markie
apparently had his heyday in the 1970s, and because he was so obscure,
even i never heard of him until today.

I did a web search for some of his music, and i managed to find 3
songs by him, but "Diary of an unborn child" is by far, the creepiest.

First Online Church of "Bob"


From: "bouncin ti--ies" <>

It seems puppet sex has not yet
quite gone to the scrap heap
of pinkish history. Pity none of
it's still recorded on vinyl....

( sure to check out the Lester Maddox
approved "Ethnic baby boy & girl" puppets
at the above site - they even have anthropomorphic
FURRY puppets in Desert Storm uniforms
and combat boots..... The possibilities here are

The sickness has even spread to the UK....


From: nenslo <>

I have a partial memory of lil markie being an alter ego of the
christian ventriloquial performer Little Marcie (proudly native of
beautiful Gladstone Oregon) who strangely seems to have no net
presence. Her fine shrill little tunes include Devil Devil Go Away
and Be Careful Little Ears. If nobody else pulls up any Little Marcie
I'll try to dig my own vinyl LP out of hiding, at least to scan the cover.


From: IMBJR <>

As I mentioned elsewhere in this thread, a favourity is "God Is At
Work Within You" - to give it its correct title:

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