I just bought Bowling for Columbine

From: mshotz@aol.commonkeypo (Rev. Richard Skull)
Date: Sun, Sep 21, 2003

And it was great!

MM needed to get best Picture, not just best Documentary Film!

No wonder all theCon hates him!

MSHOTZ: The Post Post Modern Man


From: Kegwasher <kegwasher@t-online.de>

What a monotonous piece of slander that was. You probably think taking a
dump is pretty exciting stuff.


From: "Alliekatt" <alleykatzen@hotmail.com>

I thought the cartoon history of white people was funny as hell.


From: Kegwasher <kegwasher@t-online.de>

I saw that on mtv and almost fell off the couch. stupid, but hilarious.


From: Wbarwell <Wbarwell@munnged.mylinuxisp.com>

Kegwasher wrote:
> What a monotonous piece of slander that was. You probably think taking a
> dump is pretty exciting stuff.

You sound bitter and disappointed. Truth isn't to your liking?

Cheerful Charlie


From: Joe Cosby <joecosby@SPAMBLOCKmindspring.com>

I liked BFC but I don't think it was all exactly truth.

The thing that bothered me the most was the way he used statistics.

I don't remember the exact numbers now, but he presented murder rates,
and showed America's rate of murders -by firearms- compared to those
of other countries, and America's is like orders of magnitude higher.

What he doesn't show is that if you compare -overall- murder rates
across the same countries he looks at, the numbers aren't nearly as
dramatic. And there's no question in my mind, the typical viewer of
that film who isn't familiar with the statistics already is going to
walk away from it thinking that America's murder rate is thousands of
times higher than other countries. At some level he has to have known
that what he was presenting was misleading.

I mean it doesn't really even affect his point all that much, which
just makes it that much more sad. America still does have something
like a 2-3 times higher murder rate than most developed countries.

Using the misleading little trick though just undermines his point,
and makes people who follow the misunderstanding look like idiots. It
does more harm for his cause than good.

Joe Cosby

"This time I'll burn out ALL the animal in her!"
-- Dr. Moreau to beautiful she-creature who is starting to revert
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From: Kegwasher <kegwasher@t-online.de>

He took liberties with truth and honest reporting far to many times. Maybe
a prize for best fictional event. There was very little truth involved.
Just random bits strung together to make a point. I agree we are a screwed
up bunch, but at least let the real us show through. I forget where or
who, but there is a great web site that documents the difference between
truth and moor.

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