Nenslo Animation Torture Test Supplemental (was Re: Former Hippie Wanna-Bes)

From: nenslo <>
Date: Fri, Mar 19, 2004

"Rev. Ivan Stang" wrote:
> YOU probably think you have something more ENTERTAINING to watch!
> Carefully made feature films, and animations and the like. Well HARUMPH
> to you, sirrah! HARRUMPH AGAIN!
> LET ME HAVE MY SECOND CHILDHOOD! Or third, fourth, whatever, hard to
> remember nowadays.

I'm still working on my first. Tonight I watched

Journey Through Fairyland ***: Made around 1985 by Sanrio, this is just
about the PRETTIEST movie I have ever seen. Not beautiful, PRITTY.
PRIDDY. See there's this kid that loves his flowers in his greenhouse
so much that he can't concentrate on playing the oboe in the orchestra
so he gets kicked out but luckily, Florence the Flower Fairy comes and
takes him to Flowerland. Just when it seemed like there was going to be
nothing but scene after pretty pretty scene of dancing flower fairies
and millions and millions of floating whirling blossoms, making this the
prettiest but least exciting movie I have ever scene, suddenly along
come the Brambles of Winter! Huge electrically charged BLOOD RED THORNY
VINES OF DEATH plunging down from the sky and busting up out of the
ground! Followed by ENORMOUS BLACK BUGS, crawling and flying around,
devastating flowerland! But!!! The kid uses his Semper Wand to make
even more flowers grow, flowers which emit FIERCE BLUE DEATH RAYS THAT
MAKE THE BUGS BLOW UP!!! And just when you think Flowerland is safe,
SLIME!!!! Let's just say that it all works out pretty well in the end,
but not entirely untouched by sorrow. There's also a dance scene in
which just about every Sanrio character of the time makes a cameo
appearance and Hello Kitty blows everybody into big floating bubbles of
romance. Definitely a land of contrasts, that Flowerland. Why it's
called Fairyland in the title I don't know, maybe all the fairies.
Really really pretty. More floating whirling blossoms than any movie ever.

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