Re: "So little of what one is threads itself through the eye of infinite space...ah, the self is the least of it...let our scars fall in love..." --Galway Kinnell from _The Book of Nightmares_

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Date: Wed, Mar 17, 2004 5:13 PM

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> > > And he was a very handsome, rugged looking man.
> > >
> > >
> > > Iamspindleyandstrange.
> > >
> > >
> > > "These letters across space..."
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > > And he shot down a deer and gutted it in the snow. He broke open it's
> > > ribcage and removed a rib and halved it. And sharpened both ends with
> > > his hunting knife. He covered the rib in deer fat and waited for it to
> > > congeal, concealing the sharpened rib. And then left it near the den
> > > of the bear.
> > >
> > > Hidden. He watched as the bear ate the fat and the rib. And then he
> > > followed it through its way about the woods. Noting its growing moans
> > > of pain. The blood in its stools. The weakness and pain overcoming it
> > > as the bone tore through the bear's insides. Killing it slowly.
> > >
> > > At first proud of his accomplishment. A remorse comes over him as the
> > > bear, his nemesis, moans in agony. And it kills him. Inside. Forever.
> > >
> > > "Mankind is a bad animal." -- Brion Gysin.
> >
> > And Brion Gysin is a bad writer. Bears are very particular about
> > their food. A bear would simply hold the fat with his paws, nip away
> > gently, and leave the bone lying there.
> >
> > pb
> Incorrect, Sir.
> Galway Kinnell, then, would be the 'bad' writer because of that
> technical inaccuracy. But it's from a long windy poem jobby. It's more
> of a metaphor. About something horrible and cruel hunting something
> beautiful and pure for no other reason than to destroy it because of
> its rarity in the world~to ruin something noble. I guess. Something
> like that. Anyway. But who really suffers the most in the end? And who
> is gone forever. He writes elegantly. You know. For the poetry-nerds.
> Just a dopey thing for dopey 'folks' like me to think about when we're
> doing 'nothing' in particular at all.
> I've never read Brion Gysin. He was a close friend of Burroughs. The
> above quote was me quoting Burroughs quoting Gysin. I don't even know
> if he actually existed. Might have been an invention. He has books
> though. Go figure. I'm not even sure if I'm spelling his last name
> correctly
> The deliberately obscure way this post was written. Of course. Is the
> 'cause' of the misunderstanding. And lies solely with myself. Hence,
> the detailed explanation.
> "This ain't no ancient culture, mister!"
> "Sometimes it is."
> I'm with the bear.

Just remember that for a long long time, men killed bears so that the
bears wouldn't kill them OR the deer, because the men needed the deer
AND the bears dead, for making deer and bear pies. This was not true
all over the world, but certainly in some climates.

Deer and bear pies have been available in supermarkets for a mere few
nanoseconds of time, when compared to the vast gulfs of geological time
during which neither deer nor bear pies were available in ANY
supermarkets. So "bear" in mind that bear-killin' trick, or, well,
maybe one that's a little more realistic, because who knows, someday
you might go to that supermarket for your pies -- even just your
nuts-n-berries pies -- and find it CLOSED.

Just being the ol' Prophet-o-Doom's Advocate.

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