Rev. Nickie's Book Review

From: (Rev. Nickie)
Date: Sun, Aug 15, 2004

There is a wonderful British satirical novelist called David Nobbs
that, if you don't read his works, proves once and for all that you
aren't cool in any way. While reading three of his books contained in
"The Reginald Perrin Omnibus," I have come to the conclusion that Mike
Judge completely ripped it off when he did "Office Space." Of course,
Judge may have seen the BBC adaptation of these books that you may or
may not have come across on public television, but the books are much
richer in thier witty analyses and critiques of the conspiracy by far.
Nobbs takes this to a level which is not often seen, putting forth the
proposition that, even if you begin acting eccentric to overcome the
predictability of society, that in and of itself becomes predictable.
It's all very SubGenius in sentiment, and as I said, you aren't cool
if you don't read it.


From: (KD et al)

Well, now of course I can't read it.


"Truth includes all in itself, and what cannot enter it shows by this very fact
its falsity and incorrectness."

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