So...what do _you_ think about this Passion business?

From: (MRvDC)

Date: Thu, Mar 11, 2004 8:28 AM

I'll tell you what I fucking think. I think it's a grand way to
propigate and rejuvinate an evil, corrupt and hate-filled religion run
by near barbarians that have enslaved the human race for the past
2,000 years with their hypocritical morality and open brutality.

But I'm not sure. Really. Depends which side of the coin I'm on today.
I won't be seeing it. I've meditated on the crucifixion in my mind. I
don't need a film version or the Buy the Doubleday Book! version. I'm
just really reacting to the 'media sensation.' What an ass.

I still think it'd be hilarious if a Satan cult showed up to a packed
viewing dressed completely in ceremonial robes or whatever and just
HOWLED WITH LAUGHTER the entire film. Imagine the riots. All those
Christians. All worked up. Lots of charity and kindness would be
flowing in that theater. I'm sure.

And I love Jesus. As a person.




From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <>

I think this movie is giving some SubGenii all kinds of FUN IDEAS for
clever things to do at 7X-Day at Brushwood. We GOT us a damn JESUS,
after all.

But I ain't tellin'.

I do know that discussion of The Passion in offices around America is
causing co-workers, in some cases, to learn for the first time who in
the office is self-righteous, who is just giving lip-service, who
doesn't give a fuck about any of that religious stuff, and who's




Subject: Re: So...what do _you_ think about this Passion business?
From: (MRvDC)

> But I ain't tellin'.

This will only succeed in conjuring the Xists if you put fluffy pink
bunny ears on him instead of a crown of thorns.


From: polar bear <>

American Christians are all pussies. In the Philipines, they actually
nail themselves to real crosses so they can personally experience
Christ's suffering.

Now if the film can generate that level of enthusiasm in America, then
I'd say it was worthwhile.



From: Joe Cosby <>

Oh yeah, GREAT.

My neighbors would pick up the fad. So instead of having to squeeze
my brain shut to shut out that country music crap they listen to,
they'd be up all hours HANGING ON A CROSS MOANING. Try to sleep
through THAT.

Then, you know, all the neighborhood cats and birds would notice the
pools of blood and come around to feed, so you'd have all that racket
too. And the crucifixee yelling at them to get rid of them. "THIS


I need that shit at 3 in the morning.

Joe Cosby

It's OK though guys. "Bob" still loves you. "Bob" loves us all.
"Bob" is open minded. "Bob" thinks that watching a bulldog run full
force into the bumper of a volkswagen and knock itself unconscious is
FUNNY. Feel free to draw your own inferences therefrom.

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