The League of Extraordinary Genitals

From: (Friday Jones)
Date: Tue, Jul 15, 2003

In 1899, to combat the forces of chaos and war, a gathering of genitals
takes place the likes of which had never been seen before! The League of
Extraordinary Genitals!

Among this League's members are:

A genital which can submerge to a depth of 20,000 leagues!

The next genital can become invisible!

This American genital had deadly sharpshooting accuracy!

This terrifying genital can become a giant inflamed monster of a genital
using a special potion!

Another genital cannot lose its rigidity and tumescence (so long as it
never gazes upon a certain painting).

This genital is as tough as all the others - AND YET it is that of a WOMEN!

And THIS genital is attached to SEAN CONNERY (or an actor of equal but
cheaper stature)!


"No one wants to put words in J. K. Rowling's mouth, but it's safe to
assume that when she hails her readers' creativity, she has in mind
something other than tales wherein Professor Snape is fellated by the
Sorting Hat."
- "Taking Liberties with Harry Potter," Boston Globe article by Tracy
Mayor, 6/25/2003


From: (DoktorDark)

Do not go genital into that good night.

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