This Year's Bulwer-Lytton Winner

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Date: Wed, Jul 16, 2003

"They had but one last remaining night together,
so they embraced each other as tightly as that
two-flavor entwined string cheese that is orange
and yellowish-white, the orange probably being a
bland Cheddar and the white ... Mozzarella,
although it could possibly be Provolone or just
plain American, as it really doesn't taste
distinctly dissimilar from the orange, yet they
would have you believe it does by coloring it

-- Mariann Simms of Wetumpka, Ala.


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From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <>

purple <> wrote:

> B

Those who can, do.

Those who can't, teach.

Those who can't teach, or get published, get really peeved at
everything and pester alt.slack.

4th Stangian Orthodox MegaFisTemple Lodge of the Wrath of Dobbs Yeti,
Resurrected (Rev. Ivan Stang, prop.)


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Dean, obviously you care very deeply about
what people here on alt.slack think about
you. You have no other reason for posting
here. But other than trying to interfere
with what other people are saying, you are
making no positive, or even negative impact.
Please get professional psychiatric help.


From: "Rabbi Shankar" <>

"nu-monet v6.0" <> wrote

Where I read:

"In any event, there is a lesson to be drawn from all of this: Be careful
what you make up, because someone might believe it."

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