What might have been...

From: El Queso <""the_cheese_23\"@(nospam)yahoo.com>
Date: Sat, Sep 27, 2003


This would have been great.


From: "Alliekatt" <alleykatzen@hotmail.com>

Oh. My. Yes.


From: hellpopehuey@subgenius.com (HellPopeHuey)

Very, very good. Welles too often let his real talent clash with his
inner prima donna, which cheated us all. Blessed arrogant bastardo!
I'll never quite get past the silly outfits either and I LIKE the
stuff, but like any realm of good storytelling, the trappings aren't
the whole of the cloth at all.

BTW, Mark Millar is supremely qualified to comment on such things.
He is an excellent and sought-after writer in the field. His 2-year
ending to the jaw-dropping "Swamp Thing" series begun by Len Wein and
Berni Wrightson was memorable as writing in its own right and treated
the fans to a regal repast only the in-crowd could fully appreciate.
His current work on "The Ultimates" is dark & cinematic, yet quite
real, to the limits of its improbable base tale.

Besides, I'll quintuple gawd-DAMNED if I'll read the front page of a
newspaper on the toilet; clogs me up like a sumbitch.


HellPope Huey
I ain't got my head up m'butt yet,
but as you can see, I'm PUSHIN' REAL HARD

Company, villainous company,
hath been the spoil of me.
- William Shakespeare

You have personal habits that would make a monkey blush!
- "Red Dwarf"

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