Big disappointments

From: "ghost" <>
Date: Sat, Mar 27, 2004

Flavored Coke/Pepsi (lemon, cherry, vanilla)
William Gibson
The hunt for the anthrax killer
The International Space Station
Moderate Republicans
The Plogue Bidule
Microwave pizza
Sci-Fi Channel


From: "iDRMRSR" <>

Not wearing champagne colored jumpsuits with cranberry, lime, baby blue, and
orange turtlenecks

Not flying to work in a personal jet thing

Not living in saucer shaped buildings like the Space Needle

Typing questions for answer by a network of small computers instead of
receiving holographic projections from The Tabernacle via a crystal ring

Bubble memory and fluidics

Driving a cross between a truck and a station wagon instead of something
more like a Delorean

David Lynch's Dune

Lack of replicators and transporters, especially ones that bring sex objects
to you before you Go Red

The Patriot Act

Wiseblood is STILL not released on DVD



From: wbarwell <>

Pretzelcoatl wrote:
> "ghost" <> wrote:
>> Flavored Coke/Pepsi (lemon, cherry, vanilla)
> Why would one have had hopeful expectations in the first place? For a
> nasty cheap badgood thrill, try Inca Cola. Drink only one, though. Consume
> two, and you've got instant diabetes.

Try ginger beer. You will know you just drank something.
Not for wusses.

>> Moderate Republicans
> Indeed. Oh modpubs, where are thy testicles in this our hour of need?
> Cower not, for behold, your party has been hijacked, and you're not so
> bad, after all, compared to that old Satan, that "neocon." Poop thee now
> or forever get off the pot.

All 112 of them.

>> Microwave pizza

Get a cheap little toaster oven from K-Mart.

Cheap thrill, peanut butter on bread baked until it begins to brown.
Careful, it stays hot a long time. With a large mug of hot tea, a great way
to start a cold winter's morning.

>> Sci-Fi Channel
> It was never good. The only television I will watch at this point is "The
> Sopranos," which my friends disapprove of on ostensibly PC grounds, which
> is weird, since I'm the Italian American in the bunch, and they're not.

Give up. TV bad.

> I did try watching a recent episode of "South Park" or two, and was sad to
> see that it has finally become quite stale, and should have died a year or
> two ago.
> I am also disappointed in one Al Gore. He must have gotten exhausted or
> something. Some alpha male.
> There are some things in life that continue to deliver, however. For
> example, Michael Jackson as America's Weirdo. It never stops. And at this
> Christ-the-Zombie time of year, I am reminded of the Eternal Return of the
> Marshmallow Peeps and the oft-copied but never-matched Cadbury Egg.
> Badgood joy to the world.

Bad, I can no longer find licorice anywhere.

Cheerful Charlie


From: Doktor DynaSoar <>



From: Cardinal Vertigo <>

J.D. Drew
The Star Wars prequels
The Matrix sequels
Anything you ever sent off for when you were a kid
Mark McGwire in 1999
eBay impulse buys
New Coke
Crystal Pepsi


From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <>

How fair everything is.


From: nenslo <>

Not being dead yet.


From: polar bear <>

nenslo <> wrote:
> Not being dead yet.

"Today is a good day to die." --Chief Dan George



From: "nu-monet v6.0" <>

HellPopeHuey wrote:
> Today would be a good day to see "Hellboy,"
> but it ain't out yet.

Bet they fuck it up.


From: (HellPopeHuey)

Yeah, probably so, the same way they fucked up Mary Hart's tits. They
used to be like a pair of magnificient air bags and NOW look at 'em.
God may not be dead but He sure has gone all WALL-EYED.


HellPope Huey
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"Like Abraham and Ishmael, fighting over sand
Doesn't mean you should, just because you can"
- King Crimson, "The Power To Believe"

I can name the newscaster on The Simpsons,
but I can't name my own congressman.
And that's what makes America great.
- Mark Hoppus (Blink-182)

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