From: hellpopehuey@subgenius.com (HellPopeHuey)
Date: Fri, Sep 5, 2003

I complained that I had no Saucer until I met a guy who had only a
I complained because I had no turbine until I met a man who had no
landing gear.
I complained that I had no vaginer until I met a woman who had no
I complained that I had no CD-Rs until I met a guy who had only an
Atari 1040ST.
I complained about reruns of "Dark Shadows"
until I met someone who actually liked "Who's the Boss?"
I complained because I had no flamethrower until I met a man who had
no blunt meat cleaver.
I complained that I only had 4 Connies until I met Dean's lopped-off
I complained that I had no hovercraft until I met people who had no

I have Andromeda Strain and my gaskets are failing. Grommets to
vomit, lust to dust, if real life don't getcha, "Elimidate" must.


HellPope Huey, hellpopehuey@subgenius.com
Guaranteed to have involved no testing on animals...
...no, really

"Its been a long time we been married."
"Too long? Too long a time?"
"To know somebody? Its like a day, Aggie."
- Bette Davis & Ernest Borgnine, 'The Catered Affair"

"I got it at the morgue."
"Wow, that's a terrible name for a supermarket."
- "The Drew Carey Show"


From: nenslo <nenslo@yahooX.com>

Look who's back - Stay Away Joe.


From: hellpopehuey@subgenius.com (HellPopeHuey)

Its America, where a man has a right to vomit, wipe his mouth and
then eat some more. Next vomit: right after childish teen
power-fantasy X-Men cartoons, but just before money-shot-loop


HellPope Huey, hellpopehuey@subgenius.com
No, I'm not, yes I am, a little lower and to the left
and what the fuck bidness is it of yers anyway?

I have seen what a laugh can do.
It can transform almost unbearable tears
into something bearable, even hopeful.
- Bob Hope

"Are you okay?"
"No, I'm kinda fucked up in general,
so its hard to gauge."
- "Death To Smoochy"

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