General essay on the assholism of Americans i.e. The Nature of the Con

From: "Alliekatt" <>
Date: Mon, Jun 16, 2003

Spent some time rant-blathering to WordPerfect last night because I couldn't

Americans who did not vote for George Bush and are aware of the toxicity of
our culture, currently have no clear or accepted voice. Our resolve is
dissolved easily by a large number of distractions ingeniusly manufactured
by our toxic culture.

Americans with the understanding that our disposable culture is something
toxic, most often only understand that it is toxic to them personally,
without considering that it's the same to the rest of the world.

This is due to our media depicting the rest of the world as a bunch of
shoeless morons living in mud huts and fleeing floods with baskets of
kittens on their heads, or students throwing molotov cocktails in obscure
Asian locations.

This is due to a lack of exposure to the rest of the world, by being
isolated and brainwashed by media, that shows the rest of the world as
incapable children.

Most Americans are grindingly, pathetically provincial and cling desperately
to ideology that they believe has to work in loud opposition to something,

As a matter of fact, many Americans believe that if you aren't loud and
domineering, nobody will pay attention to you and someone will eventually
mosey over and take everything you have without your say in the matter.
This is because, in effect, the government, or someone with enough money,
CAN do this while everyone turns a blind eye and keeps their nose to the
ground. This is why they turn to blaming other socioeconomic, religious,
and racial groups for their ills, instead of the big faceless money, as a
mechanism that keeps the heat off the real enemies and the problems within
understanding. This is why they have guns and are afraid of their

Most Americans are used to a massive amount of market competition in the act
of selling Widget A. Therefore they market the hell out of Widget A until
you are psychically exhausted and spiritually drained by a bombardment of
media advertising, and by the time you get to the retail outlet that sells
Widget A at the lowest advertised price, brainwashed into believing that you
desperately need this item, you get to a minimum wage salesperson who is
required to spend massive amounts of time following you around with toilet
paper to wipe your arse, if only you would buy Widget A. This is why,
overseas, Americans are huffed when they demand exclusive attention and
service for a prolonged period of time, and are denied, and are offended
when a salesperson refuses to have the life sucked out of them by Americans
who think it's a massive philanthropic favor to buy the item from them.
Whereas, everyone else goes to buy Widget A from the closest convenience
when they actually feel that they need one.

Most Americans have to pay for all their medical insurance and expenses. As
getting work requires education, they have to get huge government loans to
go to college, and because of this, by the time they are 21 the culture and
government has made sure that they are in massive debt in the tens of
thousands. This effectively prevents Americans from immigrating anywhere,
and also why the smart ones are often grim and shy while on holiday outside
of their own country, unless they are hawing and yelling amongst their own.
They know they're fucked. This is why they're very willing to convince
themselves that they're #1 and that the rest of the world is out to get
them. Most Americans who understand their own quandary are the real
patriots, however, by the time they understand this, they hole up in the
countryside, leave, or file Chapter 11 and check into the funny farm because
it's too late to imagine having a zero balance anywhere.

And this is precisely why Americans are arseholes.

The only way to work to stop this chokehold of our own culture is to learn
as much about the world as possible, criticize advertising, banish
mediocrity, pursue excellence enough to go to college free or else pursue
self-education, learn to distinguish need from desire, satisfy the root of
desire instead of its result, (meaning pursuit of deeper desire ie SLACK),
learn how to communicate, learn how to satisfy myself, and satisfy others
without letting them think for me, and to see behind the veil of
presentation and desire to the agenda that bares itself behind every set of
eyes, and then reach further into that agenda to the root of desire, yank it
out, clean it off, shine it up, throw out the rest of the garbage, hand it
back to them and go about my business.

But I really don't have the sort of time or energy to spend on kicking
self-made morons awake. Unless this were a pamphlet or something. Pass the



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