Idiot @ The Controls

From: (Ur Pansoph)
Date: Mon, Jul 12, 2004

Fuk ups. All of 'em. It takes a big fukkin' fukup to
move up the ladder making the other fuk-ups look good,
and that's the way its done. The fukkin' idiots. Dog hump
dog. Once in a while the opposite sexes of fuk-up will
hump each other and they'll breed a whole litter of little
fuk-ups to fuk-up the whole fukked-up gene-pool. If
that's not a sufficiently horrible idea to ponder, you
ought to also consider what happens when two strains
of sufficiently different fuk-ups inter-breed, spawing
a super-race of highly-devolved fuk-ups with an increased
genetic storehouse of fukked-up traits. Strain this concept
through the seive of millions of years of reiterated fuk and
then take a mighty whiff and what you've got and how far
the fuk spurts. They're all in charge. They say _Invasion
of the Body Snatchers_ was a metaphor of the Red Scare.
I would disagree. It's about the fuks. The fuks in the
White House; the fuks in the capitol;
the fuks in the bloody, purple turbans; the fuks behind the
wheel of sports cars and tractor/trailers; the fuks beaming
you the memes from behind the brain-fry machines like the
IDIOT who sent me this time-sink resulting from
someone's fuk-up that lands on my doorstep and the fukkin'
web manager that just pasted this sappy "kids of two ethnicities
holding umbrella in 'rain' (actually a garden hose sprinkle) next
to the headline, "Millions Flooded in South Asia; Dozens Killed"
followed by the fuzzy-logic, obligatory sales pitch of the online
economy: Click Here For Exciting South Asia Vacation Ideas.

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